Deez plants to get you high

The hash was in thick flat of hash haď white sp3cks in it

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Sounds like mortadella but gets ya high lol

Man I wish mortadella got me high

Looks sweet, was wondering how your going to water the back one. :rofl:

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Hi! This is just very temporary for the next couple of weeks until the flowering room is cleared out. Once these get slid into the flowering room they will each take up one side of the room with a 2 foot wide aisle going down the middle of

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I figured you had something figured out, cuz crawling around on the floor, no fun, I’m to old for that LOL, going to be sweet for sure. That’s very similar to what I do with my outdoor plants.

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Oh man same here, my current state of affairs in the flowering room has me crawling and contorting to water, feed, and tie up/prune. It’s a mess.

With this my aim is to have two tables, one on each side of the room with a nice aisle to walk down the middle and easy access to both pots for feeding and watering.


Nice work Deez!! Killing it and inspiring as always my dude!! :facepunch:

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Thanks brother!

Start the clock on these gals…. G13 and Banana Kush

And indoors we are 53 days into flowering…. I had called Fourth of July for a harvest date. Might be right!


I’m hoping for the Fourth for ya buddy!!


Love the 1st signs of flower. Looking good.

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Hell yea let the fatting begging

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This is not Stonington blend these are in… it drains well enough tho. I might wack em with FF Instead of my typical organic regimen

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Queue up Tribe called Quest. HERE WE GO YO HERE WE GO YO

So what’s the what’s the what’s the scenario….

Tropicana cookies and MK ultra. Both 8 week strains. It’s 8 weeks tomorrow. I haven’t bothered to check trcombs yet but I’m expecting to need at least another week or 10 days just from looking at the pistils.


@SilvaBack203 @BudzMS @Dforce @CygnusX1 @OlyBoy98503 @PurpNGold74 @dbrn32 @oldmarine
I got some pest problems indoors. Need advice.

I’ve got spider mites in my indoor grow on at least one of my silver haze and possibly on my tropicana cookies. I’m 59 days into flowering and my Silver haze is maybe a week from chop.

I was checking trichomes on my Tropicana cookies and found but rot. Indoors. I chopped the bad bud off and the rest of the plant is ready anyway so it’s just gonna get harvested. Then I went to check the Silver Haze and saw the webs and then saw the actual bugs with my magnifier. Little bastards.

I’ve got three other plants very close to harvest that %seem% unaffected. I’m gonna check the hell out of them today.

Looking for advice here. Do I chop this silver haze now? Should I chop the whole room now?

Obviously a bud wash is happening.
Any help is greatly appreciated

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If she’s not ready to come down yet, I’m 99.9% sure Capt Jacks Dead Bug can be used all the way through flower.

I’d spray them right before lights out and continue business as usual personally.

Likely find it locally as Lowe’s if you don’t have any.


i agree spray the crap out of them, top and under leaves, while lights are off and make sure it dry before light come on. @Borderryan22 should have good advice on often to spray.


I would cut all leaves with mites and webs, and spray water/ Peroxide at 3:1. Your so close to harvest what do the trichombs look like?


Trichs on the affected plant are cloudy with maybe 5% amber. I can live with that.

The Tropicana cookies with the rotted bit of bud Is likely from the mites. I looked at the rotted bud under the scope and I see web looking stuff unless that’s just bud rot.

Im probably gonna harvest the two affected plants, with just days left I don’t think I want to spray any chemicals on them. I’m really thinking more about the other three. Let em ride as is if they aren’t showing any problems?


Capt jack