Deez plants to get you high

Here’s summa deez for the summer.

Three Gold Leaf, one Strawberry Cough, and a couple of Sour D clones.

They just moved from starter pots and the ez cloner into these gallon pots of straight Coast of Maine Stonington Blend today. They’ll spend the rest of the day in filtered sunlight just because it’s so nice outside.

Sadly way too early to leave these outside full time without fear of them starting to flower.

I’m only gonna keep three of these. I’ll give the rest away for good karma.

The plan is to put them into 15-20 gallon pots when they come out for good in 5-6 weeks. This is gonna be the summer of 9 footers.


Forgot the pic !


Nice good luck all strains I want in my Arsenal

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I’m Ready…ready for the big ride,baybeeee!!!
I think I stole someone’s chair.
Thank you.
I am chasing the Strawberry Cough dragon,to find the most Strawberry of the lot. I plan on some ilgm SC and Gold Leaf , growing outdoor this spring also. I will enjoy the show. :+1:
(Head nod) @Randy_Marsh whattup?! Great minds think alike! :facepunch:

SL out.

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@Randy_Marsh @Slug_Life Great stoned minds… :ok_hand:

All ILGM stock. This will be my second summer doing Strawberry Cough outdoors - it was one of my favorites from last summer and I had a couple of beans left…needed an extra two weeks indoors to finish up but it was worth it.

Third run with Sour D but the first time outside - the first two were indoors - First run was awesome, Second run is a week into flower (clones off the first run), and these are clones off the second go round that I took about 2 weeks ago. They rooted fast.

This is probably my 5th summer growing Gold Leaf. I wanted an indica for outdoors and none of my MK Ultra leftover from last year’s seed purchase sprouted despite my best efforts. I had some Gold Leaf kicking around that must be two years old and I just dumped the last 4 of em that I had on hand in to sprout and of course they all popped and are all doing great…yeah its not a pure Indica but I’ll take some 60/40 hybrid that I know I like. I mean you wanna talk about guaranteed easy harvest it’s Gold Leaf all day long.


Not a ton to show off right now but the first batch of autos for the summer just cracked the soil today!

Photos are doing well and in a bit of a holding pattern until we get longer days here. I might put them out in the greenhouse tent I have set up outside for my artichokes and tomatoes but I might should wait a little longer for more daylight - we’re at about 14:45 of daylight right now. Maybe thats good enough

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Finally some progress. Everyone moved into their final homes for the summer today.

Strawberry Cough, Gold Leaf, and Sour Diesel all went into 25 gallon fabric pots.

Chickens were curious. They’ll deal with any bugs.

Then the Banana Kush autos went into 7 gallon bags. (That’s 18 days since cracking the soil)

Everything across the board is in straight up Coast of Maine Stonington blend.


Weekly update don’t mind if I do.

Raccoon killed my chickens :rage:

Plants are doing well though and i got them started on some LST. I’d already been bending them before they got transplanted anyway so this is just a return to more light bondage.

Here’s strawberry cough

and Gold Leaf (this ones gonna be a monster I think)


How do you like growing this? It’s close to the top of my ‘to grow’ list.

Grew it last summer and loved it. It’s a bit of a long flowering time for my area but I’ve got indoor space to finish it if need be. Last year it needed an extra two weeks in my garage to finish up after the weather turned too cold.

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I harvested the silver haze grow indoors the other night and decided I’d stick it out in the garden and see what happens this summer. Probably nothing but maybe something


Definitely something! Dump in a bunch of water with high nitrogen plant food. Wait a week, do it again, and get ready for the crazy growth. And also cutting a lot of clones.


I’ll try it. I’ve got a monster cropped clone doing pretty well in the backyard right now.


Here’s a shot of the Gold Leaf that was having some pest issues last week. All good now.

This plant was manifolded back in April. You can see how the internal structure has developed. This is gonna be a big girl. Lots of time left to veg and this is where we’re at….

And zoom out…

Nice node spacing here…


Forgot to mention my autos started flowering 3 days ago.

Day three for the bananakushes

Here’s a peek at the sour D and my typical training regemin. Look close and you can see the three fingered leaves on this mutant

And here’s strawberry cough. This did great last summer despite poor soil. I can’t wait to see how it does this year.

Or here’s a better look at those mutant leaves


It’s been a long time since I’ve grown straight in the ground - still not doing it this year but it’s the first time I’ve used pots bigger than 15 gallons and the plants are showing the results.

Coast of Maine Stonington Blend for this grow just like my most recent indoor. It just worked too well not to try again. They claim that in a 25 gallon pot there’s enough nutrition to take it from
Seed to harvest with no additional fertilizers added. Compost tea is what they need ASAP to keep the micro herd happy.

ILGM gold leaf

ILGM Strawberry cough in the foreground, ILGM sour D in the background

I love lookin at big plants and thinking - 7 more weeks of veg :smiling_imp:


Oh yeah and here’s the autos. Saying they are flowering is a bit of a stretch of the imagination. Clearly showing early signs but on-the-cusp is probably a better characterization

These are in 5 gallon pots and were slow to start. Same Stonington blend as everything else. The stall in growth was likely transplant shock. They could have waited longer to be moved into bigger pots and if I’m thinking towards the next batch I should have just sprouted them and gone straight into the final pot. Autos aren’t really my thing but early harvests are :rofl:

Still debating whether I should shoot for a second round of autos this summer. I’ve got the seed. I should pop em this weekend if that’s gonna happen.


I love looking at all the green in your pictures! You have a beautiful garden/plants.


Thank you! We’re having a banner year in the veggie garden you can see what’s left of the lettuce in that last pic. We’re down to 4 or 5 heads of iceberg and Romaine. Peas are coming ready right now - we’ve got snow peas and shell peas. Garlic scapes are ready to be cut.

I’ll try and do a little photo tour of the garden after work today.

Yesterday was feeding day. The autos got the dregs from a couple old bottles of tiger bloom and big bloom as well as a 1/3 strength feed of Open Sesame. I like to grow organic but with autos and their short growing season I wack em with some salts too.

The big photos just got Roots Organics Trinity.


Holy balls now they’re flowering!

And then there’s the strawberry cough going beast mode and breaking its shackles. A little hard to see but if you look at the handle on the fabric pot you can see a plant tie dangling down. That was previously holding that branch down.