Deer eating my girls


I’ve tried a lot of things and lost several plants I was told by a old timer to try shaving a bar of unscented soap around the plants any one know what works for them thanks


Pee all over the place. No joke. It works. They don’t like human smell.


I’ll be putting my plants out soon and I’ll be peeing all around them within 5 ft. :smile::smiley::grinning:been doing that for years


Mountain lion pee lol, great detergent, stuff reeks though lol


I was going to mention pissin around them but didn’t want to say it lol


Lol don’t be shy share the ideas lmao :smile:


True I love watching it grow and the spring as much as harvest thanks man


Yea any time, good luck


Pissing around the area will work. I have spent many hours in my deer stand and always take a jug with me to piss in cause pissing on the ground will runnem off…


Piss and dried blood. Idk where you would get it, but for some reason dried blood works.


And if you have a dog or cat, get as much fur as you can from them and spread it around your grow area. The deer will stay away from human scents as well as other animals that they’re worried about. Fox fur would obviously be the best, and fox piss too.


I only know this because I’m a deer hunter, and I use my bow so I have to be super conscious of my scent when going into the woods to hunt. The biggest things that would hurt me are my scent, my dogs scent, or anything unfamiliar with the deers habitat honestly. Get creative. You could even string up some tin cans so that if they come by they’ll trip the wire and get spooked. It should only take one or two spookings and the deer shouldn’t return, they’re smart and usually learn areas to avoid if they’ve been scared there before. Again, I know from experience hunting


Pissing works for me never had a problem with deer


Hey man how’s it going


Pretty good how bout you


I’m alright, how’s the strawberry kush doing


Irish spring soap, But personally id would treat it like it did my babies ikill it And EAT IT just saying…:grin: Hammer


She’s doing good smells great


Right on thats good to hear, how did your girl scout turn out


Very nice but the strawberry looks way more impressive my white widow is already 7 foot an my two borderliner are 5 foot an the pineapple is right at 4 foot