Deepwater Queensland

Hey guys
I’m new to this forum, I’ve started an outdoor grow in Queensland Australia.
I planted 4 seeds from a bag of dope so I don’t know the strain, they were planted on the 14th September in pots and have been in the ground now for 2 weeks and growing really quick and I’d just like some advice on training them!


hey, buddy, most of these guys are from the US so they are up at different times.
but there are some aussies around…

so for starters these plants are going to be huge if they get enough h20, and nutrients, because they wont be flowering for like 4-5-6 months. hope that’s cool…

it looks like that sandy soil near the coast? may need some soil love at some stage, teas etc. but there are guys on here that are way more experienced then me,

im in nsw btw.

there are pretty much 2 ways from now , topping and lst- low stress training.
both will keep your plant shorter in stature, the last one I planted outside at this time of year ended up the size of a vw beetle LST. your making the plant think it doesn’t have 1 top but lots so u end up with more buds. and its not 5 m tall.

essentially topping u take the top off, then there are 2 tops, then they establish themselves and then trim those off, then there will be 4, and on and on and on.

Low stress training, I just tie them as close to horizontal as u can without breaking the plant, then another branch now thinks it is the ‘top’ so you tie it down too, and on and on and on… be careful if u do it the way because some day in 6 months time those branches will weigh a lot, so they can break, so try and support them with a cage or something.

it seems to be personal preference, but outside I like to LST, because they can get huge and its just habit , but inside im getting into topping, so neither is right or wrong…

If you look up topping and lst on you tube they will help a lot.

but id advise you to start this up as a grow journal and you will have a lot of good advise all the time.

your plants look great btw


Btw dude, welcome.

everyone’s nice and helpful, if you need to ask someone just put an @ in front of peoples name,
I just thought id tag some friends who may help or tag people who will help, or just keep u company at 2am, if your in a bad habit of sleeping weird hours like me. :smiley:

@PurpNGold74, @Grandaddy013, @Gremmall, @Mrcrabs @Big123


Or me lol looks good so far top the plant now at the second node and she will tun into a 4headed monster 3rd node,6 headed ,4th node 8heads so on so worth

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Wow thanks kettle I really appreciate your reply!
I’ve actually got hard black soil but it’s nutrient rich, I dug a metre square hole and filled it with well composted cow manure mushroom compost and the black dirt and mixed in some coco fibre and sugar cane mulch and I fertilise it with a soup made from kelp I get off the beach and mince up with my lawnmower and chook poo mixed with rainwater oh and a handful of potash and just mix 100ml of that with 10 litres of water!
Because I’ve only got 4 plants I took 4 cuttings a few days ago and they’re still looking good!
I’ll send a photo! Don’t laugh!
I’m thinkin of tying down the top of 3 of the plants so the side shoots can reach up to the top of the plants in time, one of the plants is really weird it is growing out rather than up and the side shoots are only about a centimetre apart, they’re all super healthy though and if the bloody kangaroos don’t trample them I’ll be happy!
Thanks again Kettlle you’ve made my day with your response!:+1:


Hey fano man
Yeah thought of that but these things are gunna be pretty tall and I don’t want to let them get topheavy I was thinking of bending them from the top like an L shape so the side shoots can come up level with the top of the plant if you know what I mean!
Thanks so much for your reply fano man I really appreciate your ideas, when the plant evens up a bit I’ll probably take your advice, but because these plants are pretty much in the Bush well shit they are in the Bush I’m growing on 127 acres of kind of rainforest and only 5 minutes drive to the beach and I get some pretty hectic winds here!
Look forward to hearing from you again! Thankyou!

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Sorry mate I fucked up your name!
Took some clones off the biggest plants a few days ago!
Don’t laugh!

not laughing bud, everything you have written sounds perfect,

tie the tops down bud, its LST… everones different… my cousin ten pegs his along the ground, and it roots the whole way along… everyone’s different but u want light to get every where, so the traditional xmas is more saucer shape if u can or doughnut shape…

they can take a fair bit of punishment, they will be big………. so even if you stuff something up u still have time, a lot…your clones can be huge if you want.

glad its your land bud.

the only other thing id say is you may want to take a ph reading of your soil, ill be honest atm im really focusing on hydro but im pretty sure the manures you have may make it a little acidic… others who are really into soil may know…

but they look as perfect as you can hope for,…

roos man, get some cages like this…

out where i am most of the time they would eat those plants in 5 mins, but remember it only takes one or two to get a taste for it, or wallabies…

then it gives you something to tie it to when you bend it and when its bus shape you can pull the branches through…

Looks good though man, really good. :slightly_smiling_face:


Looking good there mate, I’m from South Australia and grew outdoors last year but not this year, I have gone indoor.


Looking good so far! Welcome to the site @Deepwater. And i agree with @kettle. Gon be some MONSTERS by seasons end.

Ill poke a few outdoors gurus to watch if u dont mind (just looked and Kettle got em all :joy::joy:)

@AAA and @Budbrother both dig outdoors as well


Thank you @PurpNGold74, I love a good outdoor grow!

@Deepwater do you have a preventative plan for pests?

In CA we get hit with caterpillars, the larvae from moths. I use regular spraying of BT to keep them at bay.

Also a ring of Diatomaceous earth around the stalk keeps pests from crawling up!


@Ausgrow might like to watch this as well

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@kettle hi there,I’m on central coast NSW where about RU if I may ask? Did u get affected by fires? I did & looking to save for some auto’s any tips?

I’m another coastie mate. Now on my 3rd run of outdoor autos… By no stretch of the imagination am I an expert, (or even close to), but I’m happy to pass on any ‘knowledge’ I’ve accumulated along the way

Thanx deedub what sort of soil do u use?

@Gr8 I’m using coco & perlite this time round mate. But last 2 goes I used cheap potting mix from Bunnings mixed with some of my veggie patch soil. I’m running in 10L fabric pots this time, last year I had 17L plastic pots which were a pain in the arse to move around

How did u go with bunnings soil etc