Deepwater culture and FF nutes

Well I Finally transitioned to soiless about a week ago.
I moved all of my clones from soil to deepwater culture. My question is does anyone use sledgehammer or microbe from fox farms with this set up. I’ve never used either but the FF feeding chart says to use them. Some folks say the microbe creates root rot but before I purchase these nutes I want to if anyone has experience using them with hydro set ups

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I use Gh for my hydro setups, hydro guard is a life saver for these types of systems. Best of luck

what’s gh, sorry I dont know all the lingo yet

General hydroponics

The microbes are beneficial to the root structure and are used to prevent root rot.

How about more information? For example:

Strain and how old
reservoir size
how much air to the rez
how close to the net basket is your rez
what exactly are you feeding them including TDS and PH
what lights and light schedule
How often are you changing rez
ambient temp/RH day and night.

And FYI soilless is coco or Promix. You are in DWC

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Gotcha yeah I’m deep water. I have a few strains at the moment until I can run all the same strains at the same size. Long story but this setup is in my flower room. It’s the last run until I harvest every flower and redo the entire room, clean and spray.

Basically I have 3, 27 gallon totes with roughly 15 gallons. 4 plants in each that were in veg for roughly 35 days but are clones [ chrystal gelato, super silver haze, cali orange, and cookies kush] 8 total. It’s only been 6days so they have overcome the transition form dirt to deep water.

RH is steady at 45, I use dehumidifier

PH I’d steady 5.9 over the last 2 days and 65 degrees

PPM at 6 days is 500 and I’m upping it in a few days since they are taking the transition well.

Nutes are Calmag, Open sesame, Grow big, Big Grow, Tiger bloom per the FF feeding chart but I’m only at 500ppm since the plants are stressed from transition but recovering well.

I’m running 2 air stones per totes and the roots are growing fine also but I don’t know humidity inside however everything is sweating and roots are searching.

Also note that I have been misting with pure water and kelp during transition at night.

lights are 12/12

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and is basically 70 - 75 during day 57 to 65 during night. Also note that this is only my second grow. @Myfriendis410

Okay; at some point shoot a couple of pictures in natural light too.

So: clones are going to be handled differently from sprouts. They are essentially mature and ready to flower. I would up the TDS to 900 to 1,000 ppm and remember while looking at the FF chart (you want recirculating schedule) that the company uses U.K. standard 700 instead of U.S. 500 (NACL scale) so any numbers they put up are gonna be high.

RH should be closer to 60% now, with temps at the lowest should be in the 68F range. 78F is perfect.

With lights at 12/12 those clones are already transitioning to flower while shaking off transition shock; not particularly helpful to the plants. You might be better to run 16/8 for a couple of weeks until roots really develop.

Here’s a VPD chart (Vapor Pressure Deficit) and is a good reference when setting lights, RH, temp etc.

What is your rez temp? It needs to be under 70F and if you can’t get there a chiller may be necessary. If you are running different nutrient schedules you can set it up as a heat exchanger instead.

You don’t need to do this and can harm the plants. The only foliar spray I would give the plant is to kill pests.

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My last temp check was at 60 today. Also the light schedule cant change because basically this is room dedicated to flower at the moment. There are actually soil based plants in the room also and they are more mature than the newly hydro set up. after all of the soil plants are done then the room will be converted, cleaned, sprayed, insulated and additional vents are being created. Basically the hydro run is a test run until the soil based are done. Its 13 mid flower to “a few days before harvest” plants going. The 3rd harvest cycle is the run that everything is 100% deep water. My original problem was pest associates with soil messing up plants late in the process. I switched so that everything would be cleaner and more efficient on the next try.

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? on this vpd chart can u run it for flower stage. I have nothing in veg at the moment. This charts seems like a like saver @Myfriendis410

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Yeah; there are a number of them online and just look for one that shows the range for flowering. It is an excellent resource as you can tailor your nutrient regimen based on the VPD your environment is nominal at.