Deep water hydroponics


A question of a fellow grower:
First time grower. Started 2 seeds 30 days ago. Plants are now 22” tall. Is it too early to start budding phase after 4weeks in vegetative? I am trying deep water hydroponics and hear some folks say how difficult hydroponic is, but so far so good. The seeds were great and 2 of 2 strong healthy plants.


Looks like you’re doing well for first time. I’m on my first grow and in hydro as well. You should join the forum there’s several people here that can help with all future issues. I believe 4 weeks is considered the minimum veg time before starting flower with any decent yields.


Yes, you can start to flower anytime after four weeks of vegging.


Top them hookers and they’ll put out for you


Buds coming nicely now. Both plants have stopped vertical growth. Seem to have done better after putting up a second led light. Can’t wait for another 3 or 4 weeks. I am satisfied so far for a first time doing hydroponics. Started a clone in dirt, but I think we will grow another 2 or 3 plants indoors as they seem to do so well. It’s now at 60 days since germination.


Looking very nice.


Now in about 6 Th or 7 Th week of flowering. Ph running 5.9 to 6.2, temp 78 to 80F, 50% humidity.
Plants seem to be doing well but many fan leaves are starting to turn a lighter green…Lind of like leaves getting ready to change colors in fall. Buds seem to still be fattening so I do not know whether or not there is a underlying issue with fan leaves changing color or is everything on track and is the color change just due to being almost ready for harvest. Any thoughts or help on if I need to be concerned with the fan leaves

would be appreciated. We did try a bud that we cut about a week ago to try and it was a super high… much better than I had hoped. Looking like my first experiment with deed water is going to produce “craft” quality buds not just “Budweiser” quality.


I think it’s just nearing the end. But wait for the experts to say.


Looks like a nitrogen toxicity? At this point in your grow you can back off completly on the calcium and nitrogen, easier to do so depending what nutrients you are using.