Deep darkening along edges

Hey there, I’m working on my first grow, had some good times, had some trouble, and I noticed this the last couple of days and wanted to see if any of y’all know what this is. I appreciate any help.

Seed: ZSkittlez via ILGM
Medium: FFHF
Roughly week 18 since sprout.
Mars TS1000 light, sitting at about 65%
RH at 45
PH was 6 at last watering
PPM 18 going in 18 coming out

If you need more/better pictures let me know.

Some further info: four weeks ago a on off pattern of seeming failure to take enough water started happening. I didn’t think too much of it because everything popped back up after a day of getting droopy. Then whole branches started turning white and dying. I checked the roots and found some browning and soft, though most were still white and tough. So thinking root rot I ran a hydrogen peroxide flush, also add a bit to every third or fourth feed, and nothing else has died yet. I am assuming this is a result of the root damage/a nutrient deficiency.

I checked a few guides but didn’t see anything that quite matched.

Thanks for taking the time to read through all of this.

-The Rook

Hey @TheRook that H2O2 flush can kill beneficial microbes like bacteria and fungi.
Try using a product that adds beneficial microbes to your root zone. This is one thing, if done regularly, can not only protect your plants roots but also will boost your plant growth.

I’ve been using Hydroguard for my hydroponic grow and it works great.

That color is common toward the end of the plants life. Even if you feed them they start to consume their own nutrients and the green is pulled out leaving fall like colors.
Here is a northern lights I grew that did that same thing.


The light is only 150w to begin with. Now it is turned down to 100w. This may be OK this late in flower but hopefully it was at 100% the rest of the time.


Thanks for letting me know that is a normal process.

It was at 100% I lowered it because I let the plant grow too tall, and the top buds are sitting only a few inches from the light.

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