Dedoverde haze week 7.5, beginning flush now as I am going to harvest mostly clear this time. Under 630de cmh and a 600 watt hps

Vid on how I yield this from clones below


Thought this was a tent I was gonna say you gotta fill that thing out :wink: , just a room, well done

Curious. Why harvest at mostly clear?

This was a test run to focus on yield.

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You will yield up to 35% more if you put up reflective walls… :+1::wink:
I use free floating walls that I hang from the ceiling so that I can move them around whenever I want , to get at the plant’s… :+1::wink:


I never like the foil type liner cause it shoots out inconsistent light if there’s any wrinkles. But I like the fact that you have portable tabs to move around. I’ll try it out