Decrease pain without getting high

A question from a fellow grower:

If I made a tincture out of the marijuana and did not decarboxylate it, would it still have the properties to decrease her pain and nausea without getting her high? I Didn’t want to try this and waste it, if it won’t work. Any other suggestion would be appreciated.

No it will not because thcs boiling point is 245-275 degrees and thc gets you high, cbd boiling point is 315 degrees which that is where your pain relieving effects come from you’ll need to simmer in a alcohol . Or simmer on low heat in coconut oil, either way decarboxilation is done so it boils to cbd effects than, let cool, not completely and you should be good from there, if cooking in coconut oil it takes 1.5-3 hours but well worth it just keep in mind if using coconut oil, it will solidify once it gets to a cool enough temperature I think 68 degrees. Decarboxilation or boiling in coconut oil are huge steps if not done correctly it could be a waste of time, tinctures are a gamble if you ask me lol

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