Declorinating water

If using tap water it’s important to de-chlorine-ate
The water yes? Do I just let it sit for 24 hours?

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24hrs should be fine, I do longer if I’m not using my RO System. Just remember you want your container or containers of water open to the atmosphere. Chlorine gasses off that way. If you have a tester you can always test for free and total chlorine. Free is the available chlorine in the water to kill bugs. Total is all the chlorine in the water. I hope that helps and isn’t confusing.

If you have a air pump and air stones will do it in 8 hours

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It helps, yes. I’m not sure how much. I’m sure someone will be able to weigh in.

Thanks guys any more information or tips are welcome

Adding air stones to the water i dont believ speeds up the process that quick but i do hear it helps to have stones or a water mover pump moving the water around getting it all moving around will dissapate the chlorine a bit faster. How bad is chloramine in ur tap water. Our tap suxks here so i use ro and tap for emergency waters with a few drops of some fish tank stiff removes chlorine and chloramine from the water. It helps hold alot better ph also ive notice ph only jumps from a 5.8 to a 6.0 at most after i adjust and use next day if anything left. Just tap will jump to 6.5 or higher if not adding stress coat or whatever it was called

I don’t know numbers as I don’t have my testers yet but it smells and tastes of chlorine when it’s not filtered and I’m not going to run through my PUR filter for the amount of water I’ll need

I can certainly let it sit for a day or so opened

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Use a wide open container and put it in the warmest area you have. Heat is your friend here.

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Sorry, like 5 gallon buckets. Used window screen over top to keep bugs and big stuff out.

This is what i use in dire emergency works great like 5 drops or so for a 5 gal bucket and no chlorine smell or anything instantly. They do have a ro buddy thats fairly cheap im thinking about swooping up one and adding to a spot just for my grows. Someone uses a ro buddy and can tell me how long and how many 5 gal buckets can i get in a day i use 15 gals or more about everyday for 8 in flower and them all the babies get seperate

Ohhh well I can manage that

Lol the girlfriend is going to be so pissed until first harvest

You beat me to it, or my internet is slow. Yhup that’s it. Those will work fine. Wasn’t sure how much water you was needing. You can boil it off also if that’s all you need.

I’ll probably only do one plant at first. Or maybe 3. I’ve been thinking that even tho I should start small and concentrate on keeping one plant healthy, having some back up plant(s) might be wise if I can since light and space will accommodate it and I’ll be using same amount of energy on either one or thee

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