Deciding whether to top my plants?

Gonna be starting a new crop soon and wondering if anyone tops their plants. I was gonna try it to keep them shorter for an inside grow. Any thoughts? Pros, cons?

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If you want to keep short plants then topping, or fimming is the way to go. The only con is it might take some time for the plants to recover. I think most of us here top our plants.

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I say top or fun away especially if you want shirt bushy plants

How many times is it safe to do so? Growing gg#4

On my current grow outdoors I’ve topped or fimmed maybe ten times on each plant

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Okay cool, thanks. Do you tend to leave them in veg longer then to compensate for the stress?

You can top many times, it’s up to you to train the plant how you want, so make as many tops as you need to make your vision happen. You will probably need to extend your veg time to allow all the tops to grow out and recover.


My current grow is outdoors so it is Dependant on the sunlight hrs but inside I would say that you would leave it in veg a little longer I’m just starting an inside grow

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You can top your plants as much as you like, but bear in mind that while topping will give you extra tops they will be smaller each time you top the plant. Have you considered some low stress training as an option to keep the plants short and the colas large?

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I am just finishing my first grow and I’m trying to prepare with what I learned to start the next one. Lighting was my main issue so I will be upping that I would love to learn some tricks like topping to get a better yield.

I will be trying this with gg4. Does topping affect gg4 differently or should it be done a different way? I really want to try some different techniques to see what I like he best for yield.