Deciding on the New Seeds!



I finally got over to leafly and read about Harlequin. They are saying that Harlequin can have a CBD:THC ratio of 5:2 which is quite a bit higher than Cannatonic that usually comes in around 2:1 CBD: THC and Critical Mass, that has a “High CBD to THC” Ratio, but leafly has not given an indicator of the CBD:THC ratio for Critical Mass

Downside for me though is that Harlequin seeds are Regulars and not Fems.

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Feel free to tag anyone interested in discussing the new strains!

Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Chapter 3 - The Saga Continues

Right now on my list is

Blackberry Kush Fem

Cherry Pie Fem

Harlequin Reg



I’ve been eyeing that GDP and maybe mk ultra or Burberry. Haha

I got about 20 regs from a buddy from a couple different breeders and so I’m gonna have to pop 1 or 2 at a time search till I find a female then run her and clone her and flower her and the clones then keep her around if I want. Then find another till I find 1 fenale of each and keep those around to flower and take cuts maybe even try an bread one, eventually. Who knows


The autoflowering cheese is also fairly high in CBD

For me and my needs, if I command, it will be


Cheese autoflowering


:wink: @bob31


Got the blackberry kush will be starting that as soon as I am done building. The GDP was tasty had a bowl pack or 2 of that. It was not OMG but was good.

I feel you about the reg seeds. I am just not ready for that and all that goes with it.


I was thinking the same or similar with the Harlequin Regs, grow out until I get a female and then either do Monster clones or SCROG her huge! lol

The cheese would not go over well here. Ultimately the high CBD strains will be used to make vape juice and the cheese is just to odorific (if I may butcher the language some, lol)


been eye the skywalker as well.


I almost feel like I could order a pack of everything, lol!

Making me crazy


I am with you Bob, I will have to temper my self a bit, lol :wink: :sweat_smile: :innocent: :v:My capacity of purchase is limiting my self anyway, lol :wink: :sweat_smile: :innocent:


42f at the mailbox waiting on my sack of seeds!
and i still am not pacified…
cherry pie
purple kush


My wife tried harlequin when we were in Vegas. She said it made her feel a little more sleepy than expected. Since she asked for something completely the opposite.

From my perspective, she had a pretty good case of the giggles for an hour or so. But retired to the room a couple hours later probably around midnight.

For what it’s worth, my section was a jack herer hybrid (calico jack) that kept me on the craps table til 830am. So it was definitely win/win for me lol.


harlequin,from ilgm?


For me I’m interested in checking out Cherry Pie and Purple Kush.


Misssed it first time too. Web link defaults to fem I guess. Search all seeds


3)Bubble Gum Auto
2)Blue Haze
1)Jack Herer Auto
4)Bubba Kush


@bob31 what do you think of the white rhino been looking for an indica? I just over at the seed site right now.

It is kind of mind boggling with all the selection this is going to require more bong hits and some reading !! lol


@bob31 when I was up in Michigan this summer picked up some “cherry pie” and it is by far my best smoke yet !:grinning::sunglasses: I already had orderd some Gold Leaf and Super Skunk when they added the Cherry Pie :worried: but will be top of the list for my next seed purchase :ok_hand::sunglasses:


Why not, I love regular seeds, maybe I will cross breed one with a Freedom Dream High CBD regular seeds that I have…:wink::grinning:

In another order, if I command, it will be

Critical Mass

White Rhino

OG Skywalker

@BIGE @bob31, ILGM , of course :wink::grinning:

And , Ô, Bob, I will made edibles with the auto Cheese, but will need to be careful when growing it :wink::grinning:


I’m waiting on confirmation from $ I sent but it’s been over 3 weeks and I havent got my envelope or a email but I patiently/impatiently waiting with excitement if I don’t hear something soon I’m going to have to cc them so I make sure I get them but I want to trt that one bad


Tag me in when you start would love to see the grow.

Seeds are coming 4 times I have gotten seeds from here and no problems! Don’t forget it is business days you count I always forget except for right now ha ha or maybe I just high