Deciding on nutes

Man they are expensive…
After a bit of research I’m thinking of ordering this stuff and giving it a shot
Unfortunately I’m in Canada and they only ship with FedEx and its super expensive but that’s what I’m going to have to do I Geuss.

There is a local company that does the organic and tea method

And I may try their products for my out door this summer.

Has anyone used any of these products I haven’t found much on them.
Im staying away from general hydroponics, fox farms, and all the regular go to’s I want something easy and cheap from the little I’ve read these guys have been in business along time and now provide alot of commercial operations with products (hydro gardens) seems like you don’t have to add the cal and the mag which I like.
Grow in fox farms for veg, flush, add nutes till end flush.


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I use this Organic product here in Australia love the product :+1::kangaroo:


Gh is cheap and works great 3 part nutes


@crazyots is currently using jacks hydroponic blend, it’s very similar to the hydro gardens blend but cheaper. He could possibly provide some thoughts but just started recently.

Check local greenhouse supply they may have something similar. We’ve already been successful doing so in another region just earlier today.


What was that last sentence?

Ps thanks hopefully he chimes in


I ordered a 5lb bag of the chem gro along with 5lb of cal and mag because its cheaper even after shipping.
For example a 5lb bag of epison salts here is like 40$…
Need a jug or two that’s the right size to mix and let water sit out. My local hardware store should have something, currently I have been using a 5gallon bucket and a mixing cup lol.

End of topic until harvest I geuss

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Every body will tell you what they think is best and that’s fine.
But if you really want the best then follow this link, And they have a wide range of products. I know cause I used them for yeass.
So check them out here

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They are actually a local company I know of them quite well I was more worried about the cost to be honest I got 5lb of the mix, 5lb of cal, 5lb of mag and ill probably never use it all because I need only table spoons of it. All bought and shipped to Canada for less than 100$ (I think) while I was looking at a couple hundred just to do like 6 plants with advanced nutrients

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Sorry, I don’t get notification unless tagged or responded to directly. Didn’t see those previous posts.

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