Decided it’s a GO

Well again on my biggest plant I’m seeing something to worry about? On the first set of leaves not cotyledons l, it’s got like a scab sort of them like it’s looks like rust when it first appears after water on metal kind of! The leave s on the plans have a sheen to them like a little darker IUploading: 25347165-6747-4D1B-BE0A-C486B05FDB10.jpeg… Uploading: 25E01801-C1D8-489D-B5A7-CAB31BB7208B.jpeg… Uploading: 08AAB17C-8A0F-4D58-91F3-297FFD0580C4.jpeg… Uploading: BDA8690A-350B-469B-9C8E-7A72AB9113EE.jpeg… Uploading: F07F1609-6992-4C13-A61A-26AC3196931E.jpeg… have a few pics!

Situation is temp74-80 w the current heat rise here. Humidity 38-42 fans blowing haven’t fed nutrients of any yet just phed water in happy frog soil currently reading through notes and books

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I wouldn’t worry too much about those early leaves. She’ll lose those anyway in the end.

You could put a bowl of water in there under a led pointing right over it and help raise that humidity. Seems a little low?

I use happy frog. I am beginning to think it is hot for all stages and not balanced for others.

I say that tongue in cheek. I am still using it.

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I can’t say much as it is all I use but I think next go I will use something else I am going to look into something else Thai I can use for all stages etc @kw_Bat you have any ideas

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According to the data you have, I am not seeing anything.

I say just rock on and monitor closely. As long as new growth is good, I would rock on. If it continues. I would transplant to some new soil. But that is my opinion. Take it for that.

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Ok so as I said this set up was to gain exp before I set up tent the conditions aren’t optimal so I do expect problems. So after extensive review it’s cal- mag or a ventilations problem on intake no fresh air even though air isn’t stale and circulation fits not great and that I believe before th cal mag but I may treat both

Today I seen a fly fungus gnat what it looked like I killed tit it was only one but I am not naive enough to think that was all I have nuke em is this ok for this problem and should I treat since I’ve seen one already

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I’m not to sure on the Gnat issue I believe people use DE, neem oil or Captain Jacks? Perhaps @Myfriendis410 could chime in. But they are looking good man keep it up!!

I had gnats

If there fungus nats the yellow sticky papers work best a layer of De helped I had a infestation of gnats I tryed apple cider vinegar it will work if there fruit flys I had fungus gnats and the did not bother with the vinegar but then I got the yellow sticky things and I seen only 1 yesterday


Fungus gnats are usually a sign that your watering practices should be modified. Changing the watering frequency and going through a complete wet to dry cycle is beneficial.


I don’t know what you mean water frequency. I’ve watered them twice in three weeks well today will be third I don’t understand I am one of this literal blunt folks so a little more description would help thanks I was intending on giving first diluted feed today but will hold off until I hear from you they look ready anyhow if I did anything w watering it may have been over watering of that helps soil was hot so I water until run off that and it skipped my mind @Myfriendis410


Over watering is what usually causes fungus gnats. So you called it. Just go from wet to nearly wilted and you’ll be fine. Cannabis likes light airy soil without too much moisture.

Maybe now someone can help me bc I know for sure this here is exhibiting mag def that is the first pic but as for the plant that has grown fasted well it is still grabbing the brown spots it looks like on the leaf I fit is coming and this is how the rest looked before they got there brow tag and in the other pic same plant the leaf has becom necrotic been like that for a while chipped off when touched rest of leave is soft as should be

Today is the day I am going to give a feeding to them and a dose of cal mag as well w the frleeding but can anyone help diagnose

Uploading: 52D87B32-CA9F-426C-BBDC-213459CE81B8.jpeg… Uploading: F88945AA-09F4-4658-A4B1-51B17120E935.jpeg… Uploading: 5CC09482-AB37-458B-B1C2-4E8EA3FA56BD.jpeg…

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I dont know anything about diagnosis @garrigan65 @Missiles can you help here

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It may be from the hot soil. What soil are you using again?

Happy frog I’ve yet to feed them and intended so today w cal mag as well idk really thus is what was given to me the seeds weee fire ass strain that Hermès I assume idk may be sensitive? @Missiles

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