Decided it’s a GO

So I decided before the big official run to give a go at a 6 plant run. The goal is not for the best set up ever as I know it can be tweaked. What do u guys think so far by the way I will only veg these in here I will flower in the tent. I’m wondering if it is ok to leave light on em rn as I just put them under they germinated very well minus one stubborn seed but I have hope for it lol​:face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::exploding_head::flushed: so the light is a kingled 1500 but as you know it’s no where near that lol I think comparable to a 600w HID IT DOES RUN COOL AS SHIT THOUGH LIKE REALLY CONSIDERING THESE FULL TIM BS HPS?? Temps sta roughly in bt 78- 81 w high being 83 two fans inside on oscillating and one not.!! Now shoot


Yes the led is 24’ from them at the moment if that was needed info

Hey!congratulations on the new babys looks like you got a great start

Do u think it is ok to put light on them they haven’t yet sprouted above soil two is steady 83 when closed and in high 70’s when open humidity at about 78 @Cyle1

Ya that ok I think I put light on them as soon as I put in soil but I’m new to this to I dont want tell you wrong thing

Good luck with your grow! I’m not sure what you mean by put light on them, but if you mean as opposed to keeping them in total darkness, yes you want your light running. I usually germ seeds under 24 hours light, but that’s not the only option

How big is the space where you will flower them? This sounds a lot like my first grow.

I started out in a 4x4 tent with six plants (in DWC instead of soil) with a sking King “1500w” LED. The actual power consumption for the light I was using was 260w. It adequately flowers maybe a 2’x3’ area.

I ended up buying a second one of those lights and the pair of them together did a fair job in my 4x4.

In the long run, I ended up building my own lights to replace those lights. Here is why.

First harvest under one King 1500w LED: 4.6oz
Second harvest under two King 1500w LED: 14oz and change
Third harvest under 600w of 3000K COB LEDs: 21oz and change

Last harvest under those same COBs: 26oz and change.

Lights matter a LOT. How big is your tent?


Absofuckinlutley!!! LIGHT MATTERS!!! But while it does so the other factors especially the limiting factor!!!
Oh boy believe me I know this set up is abysmal but effective for the goal I do want to gain experience befor I go in on a veg and flowering tent or building my own flowering room. I don’t want to play w this dispensaries love me and I’m going BROKE $80 an 1/8 some places and I like to smoke GOOD! Goal optimal conditions I’ll get there eventually or get high trying :shushing_face::shushing_face::shushing_face:
Your harvest def was bigger those cons amognst others carry what I like to call a truer wattage meaning when they say 600w led they actually mean 600w thus the power from them is that of a 1000w hps etf or more as compared to the former where 1500w is pulling 300 or so and this is from what I’ve seen sucks but as they say make it w what u got the flower room however is 5x5 and a better set up @Bogleg
And thanks @dbrn32 yes that is what I mean I know I ask a lot but I like to be sure no sense in sittin w a closed mouth w all you

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I don’t think you can ask to many questions ever! I’m sure I annoy the crap outta some folks here with all my questions @dbrn32 included as well but if you don’t know then we’ll you don’t know. In the same breath these awesome folks don’t mind helping!


Yes slot of people on here are great help. Always love to give advice

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Glad to really hear that @Jbum just like to assure myself bc what you know and don’t know can be avoided etc from experiences someone else went through on the other hand I got these going and I’m anxious as hell for them to do what they do germinated then I will be at ease. Temps range bt 79-82 w a high of 83 I think that could be ok but a lil high humidity is usually in the 79-81 area light is about 24 inches above them anything else more I can do lol?

@Bogleg how are you man sorry. It to get back to u. Looked st plants and like outta nowhere they just sprouted well 3 did and 3 didn’t so far but I am a little worried.
The pics in here she the seedlings and I’m afraid the light may be to close maybe? Cotyledons look colored and then darker, this normal am I overthinking things (first grow)? I’ve provided videos and pic please check if this will let me upload?i circled some of what I was talking about As u

can see medium as well and let me know if I over watered don’t think I did however I keep a dome over them so I won’t need to water again. As it stands light is about 24’ from canopy. Temps are the same so are my babies ok @dbrn32

Keep the light at least 2 feet away and be patient. They look like nice little seedlings.


You should, at this point, just mist them with a spray bottle a couple times a day.


Yea the dome is to keep humidity up and in as well as this serves as to not have o water I will check of course but thanks so if they look good by u were good think the other three will show I mean they did split-and developer radicules

Looking good

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I feel like bogleg and I looking at same thing, your pots look awfully wet. Make sure to let them dry out and apply small amounts of water only as needed.


Ok I’ll take that note. They have been u see some so I assume that is why the soil is t getting dryer on one hand I checked them and one was trying to ouch through but it seems was looking upside down mosh and off color. I noticed it also may have been a little too deep so with out touching the seed I loosened the soil up and repoions the seed highernow I don’t think this was waist but it did look as though it needed help or suffocate. Idk if it were my child I’d have turned her around or helped so I did

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@AAA @GetbackJoJo

@blaqqadef, what’s up?

wow it truly is amazing cultivating this plant i feel like a kid in a candy store wanting to check my bag all the time. lol. well as it goesyou got to love something in order to want to be with it all day.
i went on a smoke break as i always do just me a blunt and a long walk as i am also getting acclimated to the ca environment etc. so as i did this i seen when i arrived back home that we now have us a new addition to the family. YAY! the cotyledons haven’t opened and it looks like a baby out the womb if that makes sense. but it is above soil.
i open the closet when i leave or in the day i like to look and honestly it let the temp run in the high 70’s but when it is closed it likes to climb to the low 80’s i don’t see this as a problem and the plants don’t so far either but if it is at all say so thank you i will have pic as they come along that is if anyone is interested? @AAA you said if i needed to ask just to so i tag you so i didn’t forget sorry about that my memory is shot and i got to do things in the moment or ill forget

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