Dechlorination quick fix

Anybody hear that you can dechlorinate water with this and its safe for hydroponics?

No. I have never heard that and dont think i would try. Lmk what happens if you do

I dont think I’ll be the tester I’m still learning and can’t recover if it goes south. I do know vitamin c works but not sure about emergen c

Lol yea. I just fill my jugs 2 days earlier than i need them and let them sit with the. Cap off. Ive had no issues

I built my system today and I had two leaks meaning I had to drain my system completely twice after flooding my tent… SMH my plants are in veg but not getting the lights they love or humidity either. I just wanted to rush and get em back to the norm they know

I’m probably wanting that more than they need it lol but I’m addicted what can I say

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Yea man. I know the feeling. Air stones and pump make it faster

Yea i hope so