Dechlorinate tap water

If i wanted to dechlorinate 20 gallons of tap water at once can it just sit out for 24hrs or does it needs to sit out longer due to the amount

Depends what form it is. Chloramine takes longer.

24 hrs is fine. Chlorine gasses off pretty quickly. That’s why people are chlorinating pools weekly.


Switched to tap and made my life easier…also got better runoff numbers

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I run a mix of Ro and tap. Some reason my tap jumped from 250ppm to 500ppm. Half and half with tap and RO seems like it’d cut the ppm 50% but it cuts mine about 70% and gives me 150ppm.

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Me personally i bubble my water for 12 hours before i use it

If you dont have 24 hours to off gas, or if you have chloramine in your tap this works pretty good.
Only takes 0.15 ml to do 5 gallons tap water. I use it when I flush because I only have 40 gallons worth of jugs and it takes 60 gallons to flush four 5 gal pots.

I contacted the company, told them what I was using it for, all good to use during flower.

My outdoor girls get hose water. I do have 1G jugs of water that sit for a while in case I want to add something.

I dechlorinate by adding some organic matter and let it sit for awhile in the sun. I like to wait a day or more. I use dry leaves but just about anything will do. Ascorbic acid (lemon juice, vitamin C) will kill chlorine or chloramine almost instantly.

Another way to get rid of chloramines is to use humate ( humor acid is the liquid form ) or as @zeuspaul said vitamin c . For chlorine you can use h202 ( should gas off very fast ) if I remember correctly but this is not good for organic.

I personally use tap water and I don’t add anything but nutrients every other watering. What I do is fill my 2 jugs up I have 2 2.5 gal jugs and I will let them sit for daysssssss ( after sitting I’ll then fill my 3 1 gal jugs and my 2 2L jugs up normally leave around 1/2 gal in the 2.5 gal jugs but always dump it out before I refill them i water every 3-4 days so this works out perfect for me ) the longer the better mine sits for roughly 6-7 days why because chloramines die off after around 170 hrs from what I’ve researched. But you could also do as @Aussie_autos and use a air stone. Although my research says to do bubbles for 24 he says 12.

I can’t say if there is or isn’t any bad side effects from what I’m doing but this is only part 2 of my first grow still :joy::man_shrugging: I mean it’s a waiting game so may as well do something to liven it up. Last time I checked my ppm in the tap I want to say it was super high! I’ll check again this weekend but I want to say 4500+ :grimacing: my chloramines have chloramines :joy:

My tap is 150 ppm… plan to fill a 50 gallon and let it sit until it runs out so should be there for a while

I go through 4 milk gallon jugs of water a day ( i even still have 1 from my very first batch of girls they usually break after 2-4 grows) anyways I’ve used 12 hours declorinated water without a problem and truthfully you could probably get away with a good handful of fully chlorinated feeds before the buildup would effect your girls

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Pour your water into the largest container mouth as a gal milk jug vs a 5 gal bucket. The larger the “surface area or the container” exposed to the air the quicker off gassing can take place but 24 hrs is sufficient.

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A small amount of peroxide will bind to chlorine and chloramine and gas it off within minutes.


I did not know that! Great tip @Myfriendis410

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