Decent ph meter

Hello everyone. I have purchased 2 digital ph meters and they just absolutely suck. They are 2 different brands and do the exact same thing but give wrong readings.

I ah e calibrated both the same and just mixed 4 different sets of solutions to try and ensure it’s accurate. I used clean cups. Clean stir stick, I washed the meters between solutions.

Both of them I used separate solution cups for each meter to ensure I did not cross contaminate the solutions. After the 3rd calibration solution the 9.18 mix I turned them off and cleaned them with distilled water. I mixed new solutions. I stick the now supposed calibrated meter in the 6.86 solution and it reads 7.2. The other meter reads 7.5 in its new 6.86 solution. These little calibration packs are expensive too and I’m going through a lot of them. I swear these meters were built for the sole purpose of selling those things expensive ass calibration packets.

Anyone know of a good and reliable meter they can share a link to on amazon? Thanks again guys.

The most popular by far is the Apera PH20


Alot of people here have either Apera or Bluelab. I have Bluelabs and it works great but is expensive.

I also have the ph20. Easy to use,fast. Used for 2 grows and it failed 2weeks ago. APERIA SENT ME A FULL REPLACEMENT no charge. Surprised me to to hell. Good company, great customer service.

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If you get a blulab meter it is best to keep it laying flat when not in use. I used to store mine standing up,it makes the tip dry out in a couple days making it need to be recalibrated. Something to do with the cap draining out when standing up, weird but it stays calibrated a long time if laying flat.

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Tommy has you covered. I use the pH 20, and love it. Had a cheap POS at the start. Was calibrating it weekly.

My apera came calibrated to.01

PH20, works well

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Also use the storage drops every 3 to 5 days if you weren’t!!


About 12 years ago I bought a EcoTester pH2 meter. The probe portion is stored in the reference solution so if you turn it on and it reads something other then 7.0 then you push the calibrate button. 30 seconds later it’s ready to use and as accurate as the reference solution.

The reference solution needs to be replaced weekly, but it only takes a little bit and a bottle lasts a long time.

I looked it up and a version of the EcoTester it is still being produced. A quick look suggests it costs around $50, but mine is still going strong after all these years and most importantly, I trust it.


Bluelab hands down but you need KCL solution to keep the tip wet and ph7 solution to calibrate each month.

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I’ve stored my ph20 standing verticle in cap with the storage fluid in cap to fill line. Never had to recalibrate.

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