Decent Grow Tent in $100 range? I need a 2' x 4' by 5' high--- any recommendations?

Hey all,
I’m almost a month in to my first grwo. Im realising I’m gonna need a grow Tent. I plan on growing 2-3 Indica plants at a time. Not sure what the best ‘budget’ brand to get. Vivosun? Or another? Anyone have any recommendations? Thanks!


Hi @FirstTimer1 , I recommend finding a 6’ tall tent height is the biggest problem I hear on tents. Your lights will use between 15 and 20" plus another 15-20 of distance between the lights and the canopy then you have the pot on the bottom that’s another foot. That’s over 40" of height lost starting with 60" only leaves you room for a 2’ plant. I found this one on Amazon it’s not the quality of a gorilla but it works good


I feel like just about all of the lower priced tents on Amazon are of similar quality, and that is mediocre. I would expect some light leaks anyway.

What I would pay extra attention to is the layout of ports and what size they are. Just to make sure the ports are compatible with your plans for intake and exhaust.


Check out ACInfinity tents as well. They are less then $100


Welcome to the community ! I also recommend buy the tallest tent your space will accommodate. You’ll be happier in the long run.


AC infinity would be my choice in that price range


I agree with the others 5 foot high is not enough, go with the tallest you can… good luck man :smile:


Just upgraded from 2x4x5 to a 2x4x6.3
And it makes a world of difference just in set up never mind growing. Get the height!!! You will also want a exhust fan and carbon scrubber up in there above the light.


Thank you all. I sure do appreciate your input!

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