December 2017 Bud of the Month Contest


Congrats @MAXHeadRoom


Congratulations @MAXHeadRoom


Congratulations! @MAXHeadRoom
Another very tough month


Congrats @MAXHeadRoom


Congratulations @MAXHeadRoom! That was a spectacular bud! Tough month.


This was amazing bud, the competition is at a point that it is all but decisive, but your bud is exceptional…


Congratulations @MAXHeadRoom!

I loaded your pic in our template and wish you loads of grow fun with your prize!


Way to go @MAXHeadRoom a lot of tough competition!


Congratulations @MAXHeadRoom
Great job brother
Gotta love free beans


Awesome entry @MAXHeadRoom Congratulations!!


WOW!!! What a great day to wake up to all these messages. :grinning:

I would like to thank everyone who voted for me and also all the great people here who helped me grow this wonderful bud. And also ILGM genetics. Without great seeds I would have never had such great results.

Now the hard part is picking which strain to pick. I just bought Banana Kush and a mix pack which included AK-47, Sour D and Bubble Gum, so it will be very difficult to choose.

And again, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

Happy Growing :sunglasses:


ccongratulations @MAXHeadRoom. Awesome job!


Woohoo !!!

Congratulations @MaxHeadRoom, great job man , you deserve it…

~Al :v: :innocent:


Congrats @MAXHeadRoom Well Done, Sir!


Just to let everyone know I picked Girl Scout Cookie Extreme (Fem) for my winning seeds.

And again Thank You all who voted for the bud and all those who helped with the grow. There are to many to mention by name, but you know who you are. Thank You. And Thank You to ILGM for this contest and the great seeds :trophy: I am truly honored to have won this contest.:trophy:

You are all such wonderful people :man_farmer::man_farmer::man_farmer::man_farmer::man_farmer::man_farmer::man_farmer::man_farmer::man_farmer::man_farmer::man_farmer::man_farmer::woman_farmer::woman_farmer::woman_farmer::woman_farmer::woman_farmer::woman_farmer::woman_farmer::woman_farmer::woman_farmer::woman_farmer::woman_farmer::woman_farmer::woman_farmer::woman_farmer::woman_farmer:


That’s what I’m gonna grow come this spring… if you start them, pls tag me in… I can also start a journal when I begin as well @MAXHeadRoom I have GSCX and might do AK as well, already have the beans from ILGM


My next grow will be AK-47, Sour-D and Banana Kush. I will be starting in a week or 2. So we can do that together if you want too. :sunglasses:


Awesome @MAXHeadRoom
Please tag me in you’re Journal. We have Banana Kush seeds we’ll be growing later in the Spring. I’m very interested in watching and learning… thx :v::sunglasses::seedling:


Great,… I’m a way from starting… may be like March to drop seeds… my grow room is a catch all room until I finish some other work, then I’m gonna clean the grow room up and set up for a grow into summer @MAXHeadRoom


That is really an awesome bud.