December 2017 Bud of the Month Contest


geez,another very hard choice…
@MAXHeadRoom those colors got my vote!


@MAXHeadRoom gets my vote. Seriously gorgeous buds my brother!!


I just want to say there is some serious buds in here, all were very tough to decide. @MAXHeadRoom will have to get the vote. I hate decisions.


@Teddy78 gets my vote…


@Myfriendis410 get my vote. Yes its hard decision. Couple of buds are very pretty.


I forgot who I said I was gonna vote for so apologies but @ntmaremach gets my vote this month. Many awesome entries. ILGM genetics at its finest


My vote goes to @MAXHeadRoom this month.


@MAXHeadRoom has my vote… :wink:


@MAXHeadRoom got my vote, but alot of good looking buds. (wow)


I gotta go with @MAXHeadRoom BEAUTIFUL Gold Leaf


My vote goes to @daz49… that thing is a beast. It was hard to pick one, all the entries are winners, imho.


I’m so torn but that Gold Leaf is simply gorgeous @MAXHeadRoom :green_heart: :seedling:


This is getting into a level when its impossible to choose…
They are all best buds !!!
But if I must then @Teddy78 it is…
Awesome job everyone !!!


My vote goes to @Myfriendis410. Love that picture and the story that goes with it. Thanks for sharing that one.


Hard choice as usual! Great job everyone!

My vote has to go to @ntmaremach.


Im voting for @Myfriendis410
Tuff contest this month and i dont see it getting easier next month
You all are winners in my book


Thanks, John!


Voting for @MAXHeadRoom


My vote goes to @MAXHeadRoom. That gold leaf certainly lived up to its name.


I have to go with the Californian @Myfriendis410