December 2017 Bud of the Month Contest


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i’d like to enter my whitewidow ,order number # 150521 in for december’s entry ,her top cola is over 22 inches long

I hope you like her


Thanks FOR give me your vote. It is a photoplant. An unusual phenotype like a sativa variant . Other b.b. of same growth are very similar as plant pics in ILGM seeds shop. Thanks for vote me


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Holly smokes, thats a bud !!!
Wow, Teddy, thats a baseball bat :wink::wink::wink::wink:


Here’s my entry for Dec. It’s Green Crack Order No.195542 Today makes day 52 of flower. This bud is from the seeds I won in the June BOM.


WOW! Thats beautiful. Grown under Quantum Boards?


ILGM # 94041 Strawberry Kush


Welcome back Jojo :slight_smile:


It’s good to be back brother I see you are grumpy and festive at the same time. How you been missed you man. Sorry for the long absence but I was busy getting my degree working on another one right now.


Order number 174597 monster cropped Gold Leaf week 8 of flower, harvest on Friday.

This is taken under natural light through the smoke of the fires in Ventura. A couple of flecks ash are visible.

Edit reason: chose a different photo upon recommendation. If this is against the rules I will put up the old photo.


Sorry my bad. That was worded bad inretrospect. I meant that id pick that one over mine. Again sorry. Its common to see a picture of bomb bud, but the ones in my opinion that are real works of art are one like that, with a back ground that complements it and a good story. Lol bud porn had me so excited i couldnt help my self


I don’t think voting is open yet :thinking:


Please remove the tag so the only tags showing will be for voting. If you want to post on a bud just go the thread below for doing this and you can tag and post as much as you like. lol Yes you can even say who you’ll vote for once the voting starts but you may change your mind several times.
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Thank you! Voting begins around the 23rd but wait until Latewood opens it up.


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Happy growing all


here’s the answer @crazyots


Thanks for helping to answer that kabongster
Woohoo all have nice entries just gets tuffer each month keep up the great work all