December 2017 Bud of the Month Contest


NEXT month, let my bud bulkin up 2-3 weeks, and rules are RULES ,like latewood always say. I think if i post now i get disq. :smiley:


Tough choices this month. Had to make a chart and rate them on 5 characteristics to narrow it down.
@Teddy78 get’s my vote. Nice bud Bro


So what i can’t go in the competition if i don’t have pics from the seeds i got from this site!! And there batch number?? Yanks


You need the order number… I think you can find some info up :point_up_2:


I thought I had opened an account when I ordered seeds but I guess I didn’t. Once I did though I could see my past order numbers, thanks rugar89. This will help out all those who get their emails automatically deleted after so many days find their order numbers.


Please don’t ask anyone for the order number so you can enter this contest, especially customer service The only way you can enter this contest is if you know your order number from the email. If you didn’t save the order number somewhere you are out of luck on entering the contest until you place another order with ILGM. I know Latewood will not look it up and he sure doesn’t want anyone bothering administration asking for an order number so someone can enter this contest.I know it suks not to be able to enter because your email was automatically deleted after so many days. I lost my order number the same way through my email but was lucky enough to have it saved somewhere else.
This was posted from another month.

latewoodILGM.Administrator.latewood ~ Fearless LeaderSep 21 HornHead
You get an email from ILGM for every order. You need to keep these emails in case you have an issue with your order/seeds

That is where you find an old order number.

If you deleted the email. I have to just say I am sorry. We cannot spend time looking up old order number for a contest that give a prize of seeds.

Happy growing :slight_smile:

Congrats on finding your order number. There’s always some jealously in competitions and this contest is no different. The only problem is I didn’t write the above because I’m jealous of what you may enter making it harder for me to win but more I’m jealous at how nice your bud is and I wish I could do the same. Looking forward to seeing it. If you’d like please post up some pictures in the BOM Chat thread.
[ILGM bud of the month chat room]


Hey you all. MerryXmas.

I apologize for missing the vote starting date. One of my best friends died Friday, and I have Services today. Needless to say, I have been distracted. Voting is open and if you voted after midnight the 21st, we will count it.

Thanks for your patience.

Very nice entries I see. :santa:


Ok… Than @MAXHeadRoom has my vote this time for that gorgeous gold leaf :leaves: bud! Also, that long legs trichomes are help me to decide :drooling_face:


My vote goes to @MAXHeadRoom

Stunning Gold Leaf!


Thanks for the vote M4ur and arcticGrow. I guess I can vote for myself @MAXHeadRoom

Good luck everyone :sunglasses:


@MAXHeadRoom Got my Vote too… Nice Bud, Bud…


@ntmaremach has my vote. Bitchin bud, dude!


@ntmaremach has my vote.
Really like the color of the Green Crack.


Between 3 for me, but I will vote for @MAXHeadRoom this month! Quantum board buds! Nice job sir :+1:


Tough call for me between a couple of contenders. But I’m going with @MAXHeadRoom as well.


WOW they are ALL awesome :clap:t2:, it was a difficult choice, but I’m going with :drum:@Myfriendis410


geez,another very hard choice…
@MAXHeadRoom those colors got my vote!


@MAXHeadRoom gets my vote. Seriously gorgeous buds my brother!!


I just want to say there is some serious buds in here, all were very tough to decide. @MAXHeadRoom will have to get the vote. I hate decisions.


@Teddy78 gets my vote…