December 2017 Bud of the Month Contest


Sorry my bad. That was worded bad inretrospect. I meant that id pick that one over mine. Again sorry. Its common to see a picture of bomb bud, but the ones in my opinion that are real works of art are one like that, with a back ground that complements it and a good story. Lol bud porn had me so excited i couldnt help my self


I don’t think voting is open yet :thinking:


Please remove the tag so the only tags showing will be for voting. If you want to post on a bud just go the thread below for doing this and you can tag and post as much as you like. lol Yes you can even say who you’ll vote for once the voting starts but you may change your mind several times.
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Thank you! Voting begins around the 23rd but wait until Latewood opens it up.


please edit above post and remove tag
Voting has not started and your vote will not count
Latewood usually opens voting up around the 23 rd or so as stated
Please reread the rules as well familyman420 thanks
Happy growing all


here’s the answer @crazyots


Thanks for helping to answer that kabongster
Woohoo all have nice entries just gets tuffer each month keep up the great work all


So many beautiful budz!


You get my vote…beautiful.


Thanks a lot. Bit you should vote when administartor open it.!


Well mt friend; You know my Skype is always open to you. Peace


Order #163511 Roberts signature strain Gold Leaf.

This bud is 50 days into flower. These are finishing up with some gorgeous colors.
Green. Yellow, red, purple, almost all the colors of a rainbow.
Also check out the trichome coverage. Clink on the picture to zoom in. They are caked all over all the buds. Upper or lower they are CAKED.:cake::cake:

I really love this contest. Thanks Robert and Lakewood


I guess I’ll throw my horse in the race… :wink:

I got a lil over a lb dry off of 2 WWF under a 600 watt hps… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


OK here we are with a day or 2 to spare. Whew!
Order #130678 was a Patriot Mix Pack
Here is the Sour Diesel example. I love the raggedy trichomes on this one.
She yielded 10.5 oz of bud and 8grams of bubble hash from the sugar leaf and air buds

A couple of mid Sept frosts gave this one, Gold Leaf, and Purple Haze a nice tinge of purple that stuck through maturity. This shot was taken about 3 weeks before harvest.
I can already tell it’s going to be another close one. There are going to be more votes than ever this time IMO.


Hi. Latewood. I dont know very well the Bom contest. When does it start vote? Thanks. And happy Xmas to you and all members!


Due to the holiday it might be a few days. Let him enjoy Christmas lol.


How do find my order nr? My gmail delete all over 60 days old letters and thats that. Can i see order# in bank transfer page or what? I have some nice nugs to line up


Wicked bet it stank


You could get with one of the administrators to see if there’s a way to research your order.

Let’s be aware that it’s Christmas Eve… @bob31 whenever you get a chance, thought it best to start with you.


Please don’t ask anyone for the order number so you can enter this contest, especially customer service The only way you can enter this contest is if you know your order number from the email. If you didn’t save the order number somewhere you are out of luck on entering the contest until you place another order with ILGM. I know Latewood will not look it up and he sure doesn’t want anyone bothering administration asking for an order number so someone can enter this contest.I know it suks not to be able to enter because your email was automatically deleted after so many days. I lost my order number the same way through my email but was lucky enough to have it saved somewhere else.
This was posted from another month.

latewoodILGM.Administrator.latewood ~ Fearless LeaderSep 21 HornHead
You get an email from ILGM for every order. You need to keep these emails in case you have an issue with your order/seeds

That is where you find an old order number.

If you deleted the email. I have to just say I am sorry. We cannot spend time looking up old order number for a contest that give a prize of seeds.

Happy growing :slight_smile: