December 2017 Bud of the Month Contest

Here we are again. Xmas season. Good Luck to all.

New members make sure you read and understand the rules. Happy Holidays :slight_smile:


Lowryder auto-flower # 168087


white widow #205697


Thats too bad, it was a beautiful thing, it does not matter how long you in the forum, it is a pictures porn, you win or not thats not what its all about brother…
Anyway, it was very pretty :wink:


With six likes already, looks like it wasn’t too bad. Even if you don’t get anyone’s vote, you still get to show off you’re and you’re wife’s beautiful accomplishment.
Shame would’ve had mine


I joined this forum last Jan. and my first order purchased from ILGM didn’t let me enter this contest until June. I won the June BOM contest from my first order. I planted the seeds I won from June’s BOM and won again in Aug. It does make a difference if you have a good camera for closeups. I am not even a regular yet so I must be considered a newbie here. I’ve never seen a month so far where there wasn’t some great competition to be seen. By the way your entry last month was a winner you just didn’t win.


Hi Folks,

ILGM White Widow #9876. 12/10 projected harvest date, She sure looks ready now, and the grow box smells amazing.

Happy holidays and good luck to all!


And everybody needs to remember it is not the likes you have and do your picture the vote go by placing the persons name with The @ symbol in front of name not the like button


Northern lights order # 206926


Order #182295 blueberry


I agree with the others. That was a nice bud. Doesn’t really matter how long you have been here.

The older members would sometimes have an advantage because they have grown more and seen a lot more. Experience is what is showing in a lot of buds. Hang in there and put another one up there soon. I thought the one you put up was really nice.


White widow autoflower. Order#205566
Same bud close up/mag. view from directly above it

First indoor grow after a 10yr. break, first ever autoflower grow. 400wwatt mh/hps ×300watt full spec. Led w/ uv× 150watt clf. 20hrs light 4hrs off until pre flower then 18/6
Organic grow, in supersoil, Nector of the Gods nutes, photo plus, sl100, and greatwhite and organic molasses. Aprox: 2wks till harvest!


What we need is another topic started just for discussing things pertaining to the BOM contest without clogging up the BOM threads. If only pictures of your buds and voting for your pick of the BOM for that month was posted that would make if much easier for latewood If someone wants to comment on a picture or something, just go to the the thread and leave you comments there. You can also post a copy of your entry into this thread so people can reply as the voting will not be here. The BOM Garden thread? OK I’m guilty of clogging up the thread.


Handled very professional. Thanks ILGM.
Fyi his lowryder flower was beautiful!

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We were joking about this very thing. A bullshitting about the BOM contest thread…LOL Make a topic for chooting the chit man…


I cleaned up all the BS. :wink:

I see a unch of beautiful buds already. Let’s get back to having fun. Pardon the interruption :smiley:


latewood it says to read the rules and regs… wondering where I would find those :slight_smile: Thx in advance :wink:

Sorry I am new and I did find the rules, And it states Bud Pic, Sorry I did the hole thing. Should I go find a good Bud Shot? and can I edit my entry if needed? Not that it matters it’s mt 2nd grow I was just happy to show it off. If that is ok too. Thank you for doing this I love the Bud Porn. Next time I will get it right…


you can find them here “Bud” of the Month Contest Rules"


Thanks for posting the rues. The rues are pinned to the top of the category!

One rule is not to tag on this topic as that is how we vote, so please remove the tags, please!