December 2016 Bud of the month contest


In order to show our appreciation for our Seedbank Customers; We here at ILGM would like to invite you to participate in a monthly contest. This contest is open to confirmed purchasers of seeds from our company.

To enter: You must show a picture of a plant or bud grown from seeds purchased from ILGM Seedbanks and affiliates.

  1. Create a topic in the current “Bud” of the month Contest, by the 12th of the month. (will be created each month by Admin.) In the title, post the name of the ILGM strain you are growing, or have grown. Upload a great picture of your plant buds.

  2. From the 13th of each month through the 23rd; We will vote. All members, and Staff are allowed to vote. We will vote by making a reply to the topic of the “Bud” we love. The entry topic with the most replies; Wins.

  3. The “Bud” of the Month winner will receive a packet of seeds from the ILGM Seedbank. (Strain or quantity, yet to be determined.)

  4. You cannot win 2 months in a row. If you win, then you have to wait one month to enter again. I think this is fair and a member can still win multiple times.

4a. In order to re-enter ILGM Bud of the month contest; Winners must enter an entirely different plant and strain in order to be considered for prizes in future contests.

We cannot wait to see all the great pictures of your successful grows using Robert’s Seeds! :smiley:

Have a great day as always; Happy growing! lw :slight_smile:


Time to enter the December BOM contest.

Entries will close December 15th at Midnight EST. Voting will take place From the 16th-the 26th at Midnight. Good Luck to all of you. It is going to be hard to top last months contest; However; We should give it a try…shall we? :smiley:


I can’t wait to see the pictures that are going to eventually cause me traumatic indecision by the time it’s all said and done!!:smiling_imp:

Good luck to you all…


Let me be the first to post ILGM girl Scout cookie extreme :v:t4:


ILGM Northern Lights auto


Ilgm Super Silver Haze


A little ILGM Goldleaf (indoor)
and a second shot, hanging out with some of her girlfriends.


ILGM Amnesia Haze day 56 question bout flowering period reading 60 days 85,115 which is correct


ILGM Super Silver Haze (fem) outdoor grow


Wishing everyone a White Widow Christmas. The target harvest is 12/27, I may have to leave something else for Santa.


Ilgm Ak47 autoflower 73 days from seed
Cola the size of my thighs


Holy sh**!! Code420tv that might be one of the biggest buds I’ve ever seen nice grow! All you guys make me worried about entering when I finally do get my seeds in and start growing Roberts strains.


White widow ilgm auto

70 days old and chopped today




Lol. Thanks. This is my first grow too. definitely quality seeds I love this site


Entries closed. Thanks to all entrants. Let the voting begin. :slight_smile:
Happy Holidays to all around the world.


@Savingpvtvipergets my vote


@Code420tv gets my vote

…that’s one of the biggest buds I’ve seen in my life! Hard to believe that’s your first ever grow !

Very impressive sir! :thumbsup:


Congrats to all entrants. What a fine bunch of 'Buds" I see 2 I have to debate over, and I am going to vote this month. :smiley:


Holy damn, @Code420tv gets my vote!