Thanks for input.

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Hi JTheH,

Thanks again, got a phone call before I finished my earlier reply. You mention chlorophyll and the need to remove residue. Just to clarify, the ground bud I have is the consistency of all-purpose flour. I ground my buds in the food processor and then sifted it in a small mesh strainer & discarded all else. My ground powder for all intents and purposes could pass as ground spice such as sage or savoury. There is no residue to speak of.

I guess the only way I will know is to try making baked goods using decarb’ed and non-decarb’ed bud powder combined with regular flour.

Many thanks for your time.

Honestly you have the right idea of how to find the most effective method :slightly_smiling:.
Being ground and sifted will remove all the larger particle but there is still plant matter in it, unless you throw the shake or whatever in with ice water for 10-15 mins to break the trichomes off the plant matyer and filter out the water to leave behind the resin glands. Basically the first step to making good hash. Post your results comparing the two! I am interested in how it turns out and may do the same experiment in a few weeks with my next harvest. Knowledge is power :slightly_smiling:

Thanks again, I will try both. As you say, knowledge is power.

Not sure if I follow you on throwing the ‘shake or whatever’ in ice water. I might try that before I pulverize the next batch of bud/shake. Right now, I only have powder. I think the trichomes are pretty much pulverized now. But, that is not to say it is not something I shall look into further.

Once again, many thanks. I appreciate your taking the time to assist.

Best Regards,

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Another possible place to look for clarification of the terms used and the procedure is on You-Tube. There is a LOT of film clips on the subject there. Jerry

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Thank you.

Yes the baking of the brownies will do the decarbing for you. I never use to decarb my ground pot when I made brownies. I never heard of that term till I started reading here. When we started making canna-butter, we used just the trim. I use buds for the RSO i make for my liver problems and diabetes. My diabetes is gone now the doc. says anyways :grinning: Liver gets checked next month.

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[quote=“TxGrowman, post:10, topic:4664”]
t is what I would like to get so I can get some sleep ! Was there anything special that you did the first time. I would LOVE to have that recipe ! ! I would appreciate it if you could forward it to me. Take care Jerry
[/quote] All you need to do is use 2oz. Of trim and other leaves. 1 lb real butter not margarine! Use a crock pot to melt the butter, add water to cover the pot, add the trim, heat to 106*c. Lower to low for about 2 hours. Some say longer is needed. strain with cheese cloth put in a large pan, cool in fridge till butter is hard. Pour of the water. Ready to go. Hope I did not forget anything. You can always read The Stoners Cook Book.
You can use olive oil or coconut oil to cook with pot.


As with everything to do with marijuana, there seems to be more than one way to cook.

When I do a search of the term, the sites I visit recommend decarbing.

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Many thanks,

I guess it’s time for some hands-on research. The powder I produced from bud is so fine (hard to tell difference from kief) so I am a little concerned about ruining it - burning it up - if I decarb. I only have 52g to play with at the moment. The next time I will decarb the bud before I process it as I did with current batch.

Thanks for the input.

That sounds awesome but I’m new and having trouble with leaf burn can u help I don’t no how to get on forum yet?can u help me (email removed for your security)

I was wondering about decarbonizing cannabis for an alcohol tincture. In the blog section it doesn’t say to heat the weed just add it to the Everclear type alcohol. I was reading elsewhere on the net that stated if you don’t decarb the thca into thc your tincture will be week. Is the 190 proof booze enough to get a good tincture or should heat be used?

Hey Ktreez420- do you decarb your keif? That might explain people are not getting slammed. I think that’s your missing element. As said above, seal in foil, then in a pre-heated oven at 240F for an hour, cool while sealed then use in your recipe. I also read a pizza stone under the pouch and a remote reading thermometer are good additions to regulate fluctuating temperatures and measure them- I would do a test run to verify oven settings.

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I make butter once a fortnight, the way I do it ,is I use a rice cooker, 2 oz of your choice 2 sticks of butter 2 cups of water, add butter to rice cooker and put on high,once melted add water and weed,bring to boil , just keep close eye on it at this point, can’t have it boiling to long, then I click it to warm and leave it for minimum of 36 hours, that is the magic number for the cleanest and strongest mix without a buttermagic machine, then it’s the same as everyone else strain through cheesecloth refrigerat , then remove waste water , and enjoy your edibles, if wanting to usr coconut oil ,you just do the s assam, using the same amount of oil as you would butter, describing, is great for adding to your normal every day cooking , or making pills.

Sure. I prefer to cook my hash into the coconut oil. That seems to hold more THC than most other mediums and is great for boxed mixes like cakes and brownies. I like 2 oz Hash to a jar of expeller pressed coconut oil. I use a double boiler and then pour it back into the jar for storage. Then stir to mix it up before use because the hash can settle into the bottom of the jar.

I decarb for 30/40 minutes at 105 c(235 f) slow cooker on warm for as long as you can handle and smell , I use 1lb (2sticks) butter, 1oz gorllia glue at least 12 hours longer the better, finish the same as everyone else, half a cookie at 6.00 pm and still feeling it next morning, sleep well :expressionless:

Is it possible to over Dcarb. I recently used a 7th and used aluminum aluminum foil method but someone turn the oven back on after it was done. Now it looks a little on the darkside.

Is it possible to lose all of the thc by decarboxylating?

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You can absolutely toast it and dry it to nothingness… I’m sure it takes a little longer then we’d like to think but it is a method that needs to be perfected. @blackthumbbetty is the pot chef , well chef rather but I’m pretty sure shell back me up…

I have a unique issue. I have probably an oz of half joints and roaches of street bought herb, resonated and stinky

I normally snip off the burnt bit and roll emergency doobs for when smoke is hard to find, but if I can make edibles that are not so bad tasting that it’s actually edible sounds intriguing.

My questions are will I still need to decarb ( I assume yes)
Will it stink to high heaven doing in mason jar in oven in apartment? Perhaps better in instant pot decarb method?

After pulling the out the and filtering and making dab wax will flavor be so bad that edibles will be hard to take taste wise.

Would filtering through a water filter (Brita)remove the THC? I have one that I wouldn’t mind using just for this but I don’t know if the microns filtered would affect final THC content and I’m fine doing coffee filters method if brita filter is too effective. Just curious if anyone tried this as a final filtering for smaller particulate plant matter (greenish ever clear)