I have just ground to a very fine powder a couple oz of some very old and extremely DRY bud that I had stashed and forgotten about. If I want to make flour, is it still necessary that I decarb the powder. To date I have only played around with making butter.

I Decarboxylated then simmered in butter/water with a double boiler for four hours…and made butter, it worked.
My sister gave me a recipe, no Decarboxylate, a one hour simmer…the finished product did not work as well

A few more times with recipe one, thumbs up

Decarbing is hard, instructions were for one hour…the first time I tried, I made 10 minutes then took it out of the oven…smelling it in the kitchen scared me :fearful:

What does this mean? Decarboxylated?

The term for converting thc into an edible form.

Pre heat your oven to 240F…

Grind an amount, to be determined by you, I like round numbers like an ounce.

Place the ground pot on foil, fold the foil over and seal/crimp the edges forming a “tent”

Place in the oven for an hour.

Take out, keep sealed, allow to cool.

It is Decarboxylated


So if I ate that ground up weed I’d get high from it, and not just sick haha?

And maybe you could help me out with something now…
I make cannabutter a lot. From a recipe I learned online from a guy who makes edibles for his patients. I was just curious what others method was for making cannabutter, because I’m not sure if my way is the best way?

Any edible makers out there with some input?

You could eat the cooked weed…but why when making the cannabutter removes all the unnecessary plant material…use the butter’s oil to soak the converted thc out and get a better flavor :wink:

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So I melt two sticks of butter in a double boiler…important that you not overheat the cannabis at this point.
I put in the ground marijuana, buds only for me…whatever you want…as I said, I use an oz.
Mix for a few minutes, soak the pot in the butter.
Add hot water, 2-3 cups or so…it will be removed later.
Simmer this mixture for four hours. Add water to the outside pot, don’t let it dry out. You shouldn’t have to add water to the butter/water mix.
After 4 hours, take cheesecloth, folded over about 4 times, and pour the butter/water mix thru it. I Rubberband the cheesecloth around the neck of a bowl or jar that can go in the refrigerator.
Squeeze the cheesecloth out AFTER it cools 5 minutes. Toss vegetative-matter out.
This butter/water sits in the fridge for hours till it separates, cannabutter on the top…waste water in the bottom. Waste water=toss it!
Separate them, pat the cannabutter dry, and refrigerate, use as instructed in whatever recipe you want to try it with.
I make big cookies, in case some light weight can’t eat a whole, it is easy to break into more tolerable dosages.


I usually like to use my keif that I get from my grinder. I have about 5 grams of just keif.
The way I was told, was just like this method, except that I don’t use a double boiler
I use a crock pot to let the butter cook with the keif.

I start with butter in a pot. I heat the butter, then clarity it (this is where you remove the extra water that’s made in the butter, it’s the foam that appears at the top). Once I remove the foam, I add my keif. I immediately remove the pot from the stove, and dump my butter and keif mix into a crock pot. I then let the keif and butter cook in the crock pot for 12 hours. I strain the keif out, and only butter is left.

I thought the way I was doing it worked well, but recently people said they didn’t really feel anything. So I was wondering what you guys thought about the way I WAS doing it, and also find a new way to try to make cannabutter! I’ll be trying your technique for my next batch I make. My girl friend and her friends always ask me to make it for them, so if it works out better than my previous attempts I’ll make sure to let you know. And I’ll let them know my buddy kabongster gave me the recipe! :maple_leaf::v:


Has anyone tried combining it with coconut oil? I cook almost exclusively with it and would be interested in trying it :slightly_smiling:
We made cannabutter a few times. The first time it was way to strong and knocked us all out for 12+ hours lol. Was amusing to awake from the highbernation and see 6 other people passed out where we were sitting watching a movie.


That is what I would like to get so I can get some sleep ! Was there anything special that you did the first time. I would LOVE to have that recipe ! ! I would appreciate it if you could forward it to me. Take care Jerry

We just used way to much kief and flower in too little butter lol. It was decent quality cannabis, nothing great. And we did eat more than our fair share each :slightly_smiling:

Hmmmm!!! For the record, I do not decarb my ground bud when making butter as I am on the understanding that the long slow simmering process takes care of decarb’ing. In any event, I am satisfied with my many results so far and didn’t ask for assistance in that matter.

I was just wondering if it was necessary to decarb the very fine ground powder I have (texture of kief) before combining it with AP flour. In other words, if I were to use non-decarb’ed bud powder, would the oven heat during the baking process (i.e. brownies) be sufficient to ‘in effect’ decarb the bud powder; but, as I have yet to receive a specific response to my specific question, I shall move on elsewhere.

Honestly don’t see why not, just be aware you will have chlorophyll and other matter in with it. The point of butter, oil, etc… is to not only allow the THC to release but also to get it in a state where you can strain to remove the residue.

“I Decarboxylated then simmered in butter/water with a double boiler for four hours…and made butter, it worked.
My sister gave me a recipe, no Decarboxylate, a one hour simmer…the finished product did not work as well”

Specifically, I decarboxylate marijuana, all parts even the very fine kief like powder before using

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Thanks for input.

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Hi JTheH,

Thanks again, got a phone call before I finished my earlier reply. You mention chlorophyll and the need to remove residue. Just to clarify, the ground bud I have is the consistency of all-purpose flour. I ground my buds in the food processor and then sifted it in a small mesh strainer & discarded all else. My ground powder for all intents and purposes could pass as ground spice such as sage or savoury. There is no residue to speak of.

I guess the only way I will know is to try making baked goods using decarb’ed and non-decarb’ed bud powder combined with regular flour.

Many thanks for your time.

Honestly you have the right idea of how to find the most effective method :slightly_smiling:.
Being ground and sifted will remove all the larger particle but there is still plant matter in it, unless you throw the shake or whatever in with ice water for 10-15 mins to break the trichomes off the plant matyer and filter out the water to leave behind the resin glands. Basically the first step to making good hash. Post your results comparing the two! I am interested in how it turns out and may do the same experiment in a few weeks with my next harvest. Knowledge is power :slightly_smiling:

Thanks again, I will try both. As you say, knowledge is power.

Not sure if I follow you on throwing the ‘shake or whatever’ in ice water. I might try that before I pulverize the next batch of bud/shake. Right now, I only have powder. I think the trichomes are pretty much pulverized now. But, that is not to say it is not something I shall look into further.

Once again, many thanks. I appreciate your taking the time to assist.

Best Regards,

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Another possible place to look for clarification of the terms used and the procedure is on You-Tube. There is a LOT of film clips on the subject there. Jerry

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Thank you.