Decarboxylated fresh cut flower

So I just harvested 5 plants, and one plant had these loose structured flowers I just wasn’t too happy with. I figured why not just dry it out and decarboxylate it now since I’ll use it to make budder.
Well, it turns out this doesn’t really have that roasted scent common to decarbed weed, instead it has this great scent. I just couldn’t resist and decided to crunch some up and smoke it. I can’t believe it, it tastes good, is smooth and it is doing as good or better than any joint I’ve ever smoked.
It just doesn’t make sense.


Imagine the edibled it will make now. Enjoy. Nothing better than smoking something u grown that was bomb. Enjoy happy growing.


I grew a Black D.O.G. pheno that produced loose undifferentiated flower. That said it’s one of the most potent plants I ever grew.