Decarboxylate dry weed trimmings?


Have couple oz’s good trimmings, i think i try it to do My Kitchen Rules comp. :smile:
Trimmings are mmm… dried and somehow cured too (3-4 months in plastic bag).
Thats what confuse my is my TITLE “Decarboxylate dry weed trimmings?”

And how reasonable is that :
“What you need to do is soak it in distilled water for 24-48 hours, changing the water every 12 hours, then blanch it to finalize the step which is putting it in boiling water for five minutes and then shocking it back to reality in ice water for a minute,” he says.

“This process leaches out the chlorophyll and any other impurities that might be in there, which can make for a bad tasting butter.”

Can this method wipe out kief on my trimmings ? Thats what im afraid of. Can i do just Decarboxylating and then just simmer 3-4 hours in french pot ?


All’s you do is put your trim in the oven on 210 degrees for 30 min… that’s it… then make your butter or oil… :wink:
All of the other stuff you mentioned sounds like a bunch of nonsense… :wink:
I’ve never had any issues with the way I explained… :wink:

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Is it worth it to use fan leaves also or just sugar leaves?



I’m with @peachfuzz Decarb like he said and then follow what ever recipe you have.

@SilentHippie Just the sugar leaves (anything with trichomes is fine)


210C or 210F?


210c =410f so im guessing Fahrenheit:


No I think you want to slow cook them. I’m no expert but I think it’s 210F not C


Just below boiling. Which def. Means not 200c


210 degrees Fahrenheit …sorry about that…:wink:

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Thanks, just begin with that :rofl:


Sorry I’m just seeing this but the easiest way to decarb


If you have a vacuum sealer.