Decarbing wax and amt for topical

I make topical using the wax or shatter or snap and pull. I have been simply melting my base on low heat and then stirring it into the warm, melted base. However, I am trying to figure out if I need to decarb first. I have not found any definitive answer anywhere else. I guess I thought the concentrates didn’t need it and the warm, melted base would decarb it some. I have an Ardent Nova decarb gadget. Just not sure which way to go.

Also, how many grams should I use for say 8 oz of base? And I am not sure with a topical if this matters one way or the other, but have indica for the topical rather than sativa. I do know the topical I made my dad healed his cracked fingers near the nails within a couple of weeks and have stayed healed for last year still staying healed with daily application and that was not decarbed. Making a concoction tomorrow for a friend getting knee replacement and my husband’s messed up shoulder. (My dad has gone to all kinds of specialist to heal his fingers for the last 20 years and my concoction was like a miracle. Unfortunately, I didn’t keep notes of what I put in it. I think that batch I just drained all the old oil cartridges that weren’t really worth vaping. :wink:)

Anways, any thoughts appreciated.

My bases tend to be blends. This one will be a shea butter base with a little hemp oil and maybe coconut oil, and essential oils cedar, rosemary, and vetiver is a favorite of ours.

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You can decarb wax, just keep it in the silicone container, and heat at desired temperature, until all bubbling has stopped.


Not sure on that part, that might be experimental.

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This is one time I wish I had kept notes like I do on my grow. :tired_face:

Does it matter to even decarb? Might as well use the handy dandy Ardent decarb machine, right? :crazy_face:

I’m not sure on the length of time from the ardent, but it’s more of a visual to see when the the bubbling stops.
I would still recommend to decarb. Otherwise it’s not activated.

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Thank you! That is so helpful. I so appreciate this forum.

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