Decarb question regarding AFTER extraction in Everclear


I’ve made a small error when making my tincture and I’m wondering if it’s a recoverable mistake that won’t get me blown up.

So I grew my 4th batch of MMJ, cured, decarbed in the oven (or so I thought) and put to soak in Everclear. After a month, I tried it and I’m not getting the pain relieving body high that I’ve grown to love. After much reflection, I’ve decided that I didn’t decarb it enough and the THC didn’t activate the way it should. Can I save it?

I’ve been looking at the RSO method in a crock pot but I don’t want to boil off all of the alcohol (and blow myself up) just decarb it but I’m not finding anything to answer my questions completely. I was thinking of getting a small crock pot, put it up in the back yard on a windy day (away from the house) and letting it cook on high but I’m not finding anything that is giving a solid answer as to if it would decarb properly and when when I know that the decarb took place. When I did it originally in the oven, I think I only achieved about 2/3 of the proper amount of time needed. The smoke has a wonderful buzz but I put most of it in the brine to soak and can’t be smoked any more.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


How long and at what temp did you decarb the original weed.

You can decarb again but you will evaporate some of the alcohol off.


I decarbed it in the oven for 35 min at 220. However, I was an idiot and tried a technique I saw on YouTube for putting a mason jar in the oven and it was supposed to reduce the smell. I didn’t smell but the buds were stacked up in the jar and I don’t think it worked as well. The technique I used before, and should have stuck with, was laying buds out in an aluminum brownie pan and cooking that way…but it stunk the whole house up.

I don’t mind losing some of the alcohol, I just don’t want to blow myself doing it if it can be done.


Ya that was the problem…
You need to take a layer of wax paper over a cookie sheet and put your material ontop of that and decarb that way… sift around after 15 min… cant get away from the smell… not sure what you can do to fix it now… we will see what others have to say… :wink:



If you cover with an oven bag it will help curb the smell not totally but enough to keep whole house from reeking. I try not to tie to tight as to let the gasses to escape.


I can’t think of anything but you need to either boil or evaporate the alcohol off so you can recover the extract. Then decarb it again.


Just let your tincture evaporate at room temperature with the lid off. When that is done you will have some oil/hash/sludge that can go in the oven at 230 F for 110 minutes. Then dissolve it in more alcohol. Maybe use less alcohol if you want it stronger. Pyrex does better in the oven than a mason jar. It would make a real mess if it broke.


When did you make your tincture? Had it in dark place shaking every day? Ive found the longer it can sit the better it gets. Mine works after couple days But really works well after a month. I gave some to a friend with cancer. He doesnt do mmj. He called me next day saying after taking his tv became 3D with planes flying outta it. So it works. Lol