Decarb in an Air Fryer?

I need opinions/advice!
Can I decarb in my air fryer??
Has anyone tried??
Even if you have never tried it; what do you think??
:heart: Y’all!

I do it in my instapot


@Tinman - what setting for the instapot? I am a long way from that point but interested.

You tube , making butter with a insta pot, i use coconut oil instead of butter

Set to pressure cook for 1 hour.
Place weed and oil in a mason jar with lid very lightly closed.
2 or 3 cups of water in the pot. Jars on the rack to keep them off the bottom.
It runs at 240 degrees. No smell. Just strain the oil and use it in edibles.


Do you decarb first?

Is it the Instant pot with the air fryer lid?

no, the hour under pressure in the cooker does the whole job of decarb and extract into the oil

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I have one of those $29 Walmart air fryers ovens, that gets constant use around here as we don’t microwave. I used it the other day to flash dry a bud to do a quick test to see if it was ready for harvest. Used the ‘frozen’ setting as the next lowest setting was 250 deg F. Not sure what the temp was. But it did the trick. Got it a bit dry. The next time I used oven at 170 for 20 mins, then let it sit. Then the next time, 170 to warm up, turn off, and let sit til crisper. I wouldn’t recommend for an entire harvest, but even doing the 170 and turn off and leave oven light on. Not that you asked about that method. :rofl:

I am using my Herbs Now dryer and it got 2.35 ounces dried in 30 hours, and now will let cure. I just don’t have a place to hang dry as the tent is still occupied with four nearly mature and ready to harvest plants.

I think my air dryer might be much like using a blow dryer on low, honestly. But hey, it worked. The bud I used the air fryer on ended up being the strongest weed we can ever remember smoking. I don’t know how I managed it, but my Lemon Haze auto is loaded with trichs and seems to have tapped out the most THC available.

Here is a raw, just plucked and trimmed bud. And some dried ones.


Thank-you so much for the knowledge!! I’m doing this for my next harvest. :christmas_tree::snowman_with_snow::snowflake:

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