Deb's 1st indoor, various strains, 🤗 awesome fun

That’s hilarious

Thought I would try fems and see how I go

Fems started 8th Jan using cotton makeup pad germination method are-

Gorilla Blue
Critical Mass
Sugar Black Rose early version
DDOS #33
Grandmommy Purple

I have 2 Strawdawgs sitting since my first grow as all other plants in grow 1 were autos and I was unaware the Strawdawgs were fems.
Thanks @Tezza2 for all your help on this issue.
So they are sitting in the corner of room and I am hoping to keep them going until the above fems are ready to alter light schedule.
I repotted Strawdawgs from 5 gallon to 10 gallon to give them more root space. Boy they grow big quickly.
Another learning curve on its way to find out the growing process of fems.
Am hoping to cut seed purchase costs by cloning.

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Looking good keep that mouse away from them


Yep lol

How wet is that soil in them cups. Looks super super wet. Let it dry a bit and they will shoot up gr3n most likely. Look a bit overwatered .

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Will do thanks mate

I would normally leave them sitting another day but seeds germinated so quickly and tails were so long I had to plant them.

I’ve put them somewhere where they will dry out

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Hi all

Can anyone help? Foxtailing??

How long to they are ready?

My 1st grow is now at approximately week 6 of flower for Pineapple Kush AF
Week 4 for Gorilla Glue AF ( darker green leaves than PK)
All others are far behind these so not worried about them yet.
The Gorilla Glue was way behind others as a seedling etc but has now caught up to the PK

These plants are under VB1500 lights
Are approximately 50cm 20 inches from lights

Humidity is a problem as even with 6inch carbon filter (yes I finally got one) and a aircon dehumidifier running at 18 degrees Celsius day and night the humidity remains approximately 60%. I have no outlet apart from hallway to disperse heat etc

I turn the plants around daily to even the light they receive as some colas are taller than others. I couldn’t Scrog them as that would mean more holes in concrete walls.
I water/fertilise when pots become lighter.
Am turning lights off at night.

Any idea on how to manage foxtailing and how long before Buds are ready?

Thanks heaps for all your help

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Night photos


It’s gonna be most likely 1 of 2 things. Either too much light blasting them right now or too much nutrients fed. What are the ppm runoff. Umbers of the plants. Do PhD water with calmag only to see set ppm of water with calmag to 2 to 250ppm then pH and water slowly til u get runoff let some drip then catch some and test it pH and ppm. This will tell alot if it’s holding nutes and not using them or what’s going on.


IMPO I think it’s the light. Maybe to close. I started to get a lil foxtail I took the plant off the pedestal and everything was ok… man debb great freaking job. I have been following you since you popped ya beans. &I must say i am impressed. Great growing. Can’t wait for harvest


:point_up_2:t3: They got you. It’s usually lighting. Foxtailing across multiple strains is a sure sign of lighting being too intense mid to late flower. Reduce intensity and they should stop for the most part.


Thankyou so very very much
Appreciate you saying that more than you could know

I thought I started off well and was so happy especially when you guys with so much experience said I was going well. That is so inspiring and motivating.

Seems this week there’s been issues

Yes the foxtailing and I might just flush them today
They are into nearly 7th week of flower and the Seedbank where I got them states 8 weeks average flowering

So maybe a week left?


Hi mate

Thankyou so very very much for always helping

I did a check yesterday on run off after I watered
PH was 5.8 6.0
Other was 107 I think the gadget was playing up a bit
I tested it twice

Is that ok or do I need to do something

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Thanks heaps and heaps

I thought they liked additional light while flowering?
Am on a big learning curve aren’t I

I haven’t changed light height for a while so raised them higher today (can’t go higher) and will lower strength to maybe 80% ?
Is that right?

The PK and GG are both under my only VB 1500
Maybe I should of placed this light higher?


They love intensity up to week 4-5 as much as you can slam them with without bleaching or burning the leaves, then you want to start easing off a bit. Or immediately if you start noticing early foxtails.


Thanks everyone for your help and support

Everything was going along so well I suppose I had to hit stumbling blocks sooner or later.
But didn’t want hurdles from each section.

Issue 1- the foxtailing we discussed and I have raised lights and for those I cannot raise have lowered to 80%

So to add to my current woes

Issue 2- The plants I am calling 2nd grow which are mostly in vege stage with 2 showing Buds germinated approx 14th Nov.

3 -4 days ago I noticed a few mites underneath some leaves
I figured this may be due to lack of airflow as I had fans on flowering plants most of time.
Would that be right?
I haven’t bought any plants in so where they came from I don’t know
So I tried some white oil on them which I use on my palms , indoor plants. Left it on half an hour then put each plant in shower and washed them in cool water
The white oil was the wrong thing to do or I used too much as then for 2 days I watched some leaves , not all, a few shrivel up and die.
So the plants have just picked up and I was heartbroken to see 2 mites under a couple of leaves today.

So now what do I do****:exploding_head::pleading_face::weary::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::hot_face::flushed::sneezing_face:

I can’t get to store to purchase bug stuff at the moment so is there any household products that can be used?

I can’t seem to get this 2nd grow of plants through easily.
The Purple Hulk looks spindly while the others are more compact.
All are different purple strains and all have grown so totally different.

And let’s not leave it there. :woman_facepalming:t3:

The stunted seedlings that never grew. I went straight from germination to 5 gal and won’t do that again. I find it easier to go from germination in pads to cups as it seems easier to control variables.
God it’s 2 inches high with hairs showing today.
Far out :hot_face:
And was Grandmommy Purple. Heartbreaking.

And let’s go one step further
The seeds that germinated have one looking sick.
This is suppose to be grow no3 which are all fems for a bit of fun.
Well Ime not feeling the fun at the moment.
This seedling has battled for a week. It was the one with the very very long tail within 24hrs of placing in makeup pads.
And now it is fighting for life
So I bit the bullet as I have watched it struggle for days and dripped some Clonex onto soil above tail.
The tail goes sideways instead of down that’s how it grew and I placed a little extra soil over it yesterday.
So whether the Clonex helps or not I don’t know.
I don’t know what else to try :tired_face:

And I suppose I will go sit in the grow room and check hundreds of leaves and live in hope that the mites don’t get into the flowering plants.

One bit of good news for the day is the clones from the fem Strawdawg have lifted off.
Yes there are roots growing.
Thought I would have a go at cloning a fem for first time so have roots growing on half

Look out mites here I come
Going to be a long night


Girls are looking amazing mam


Thank you Mr Silver

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Update on grow 1

I would like to thank you all for helping me with so many issues during my first grow. I’ve only made it this far thanks to you all and the kindness and support you provide.

Gorilla Glue and Pineapple Kush only a week or 2 off harvest. 6-7 weeks in flower.
So figure from what I have read its time to stop nutrients but maybe continue with molasses?

Bluedream and Mango are the photos attached and are way behind maybe 2-3 weeks but are growing some nice looking colas
Maybe 4-5 weeks in flower.

Photos of 3 Bludreams and 2 Mango plants attached.
All seem to be going well

I think I need to do some defoliation underneath as those leaves receive no light or fanbreeze and are yellowing.

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