Deb's 1st indoor, various strains, 🤗 awesome fun

@Tezza2 nice can’t wait 2 c the results and your review on it.

I been doing bud wash after every harvest now and I don’t regret it at all. 3% peroxide and water


What does the peroxide do?

Oooouuu I want a canna brush now lol

Hey debb hows ur girls doin now its been awhile since ur last post ,my girl is getting chunky as and very sticky ,i would love to see pics of ur girls to see how much they have grown since ur last post

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Did u happen to look at @Arrow thread on bud washing he uses a few diff things and a soapy sponge to soak up residue on top of the bucket before pulling branch back thru what u washed off lol. Have a look it’s a super informative way to wash budz


Got a link?

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Let me find it brb

Outta :heart: again. Gl finding it, I lose so much around here​:frowning:

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Wow, 4700 post, that’ll take a minute. I’ma save, or watch it would be better so I don’t lose it.
Thanx man

It’s post 4ú08 it’s like one or 2 posts I believe he explains it all. He uses alot of stuff but seems like it would wipe out every bit of anything bad lol

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Knowing me I’ll start at 1 and read my way through :upside_down_face: I got a few weeks left till I’ll need it. Never done a wash but y’all got me intrigued

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Oh man it’s alot of reading. Ur gonna do alot of skimming unless u skip to that post lol.

Yes I did when he was teaching Kap how 2 do it. I been good with the 3% peroxide

Late update it’s been hectic

The girls are jumping especially the Pineapple Kush and Mango
Also the mental Gorilla Glue is catching up figure that out.

They are drinking way more than I expected

These are all Auto Fem

The order of just feminised seeds from Spain is nearly here which is super exciting.

@Tezza2 I figure I will have lots of questions once they arrive.
Also I doubt I can start them in the grow room until the Autos are finished???

Also Tezza I bought 2 of the products from Nimbin. Can’t remember off the top of my buzzed brain but will post what ones I bought.
Couldnt afford all as I will need to mix another large batch of potting mix.

@Caligurl @Carpenter @Mark0427 @Mr_Wormwood @StonedCold13


They have grown alot debb im impressed with the growth they look amazing keep up the good work debb mine is in the home stretch i brought one of cannabrushes i cant wait to use it .here is a pic of my girl now

Im hoping to get 500 grams from this harvest


Looking good. U can grow autos and photos in the same room. Autos can get any amount of light where as photos need the 12 12 to flower u can have autos flower and switch times to 12 12 and not have any issues as long as u hit ur set dli for the day I’ll b fine.


Hey Debb! They all look really healthy and happy! You’re doing a great job!


Looking great @Debb


agree with the above four sentiments :slight_smile: happy growing!

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