Debbie's First Shot at Seeds

The box idea is about the best Debbie. You would never know what was going on in there. Biggest killer would be the smell. It’s s dead giveaway so I would look at ways of masking it. Cheap perfume/deodorant or gel type air fresheners would work. Give the place a good spray as they arrive and good luck

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Don’t flip their schedules this late. Guaranteed herm. If anything unplug your lights but keep the timers plugged in so they keep ticking. It would take 4-5 days of dark before a plant started to die btw. And in flower. Besides slowing growth. There are no adverse effects that come with a random 24 hours of dark.

Going hermie isn’t natural. (You can have overcast weeks…) Only unnatural things can cause a plant to go Hermie. Like careless breeding. Take a pug for example. That is one breed of dog that has absolutely no excuse for existing. Anyone that breeds them is a war criminal in my book. Pugs are like if someone gave you a bunch of seeds. Told you they where good. The added in at the end that while they look “cute”. They will never take a decent breath once in their entire life. They won’t live half as long as a mutt of their same dimensions. But let’s grow them anyway and charge more for this intentionally (if it happened due to ignorance it’s then intentional, according to every government that ever mattered ever. Before usa… Which never has and never will, just a puppet on the world stage)


Point being. It can be dark and stormy for days. But the sun doesn’t rise at midnight anywhere that cannabis grows.

The pug point. Dogs, plants, human, banana, dna 95% the dame.

If humans inbred too much they end up like the former royal family of Spain. Inbred to death. Last ones where born sterile. Thank God evolution still exists. Unlike the former monarchy of Spain. Screwed themselves to death. Like any son, fertilizing any mother. Problem. Immediate. Genes. Father fertilizing daughter. Miniscule chance of mutation. Now who can tell me why? And then who can tell me why it would apply 100% to plants as it does to animals?

All the hermies people get isn’t just light issues. It’s also weakened genos from being overly inbred. Like a useless pug. Especially when people pollinate all willy nilly without taking into account the prior relationship of the chosen parent plants. Out of 7 living species of human that walked this earth 12,000 years ago. There are only trace amounts of one left and majority of another. Those people with trace amounts need to stop breeding anything they come into contact with. Plants, animals, themselves… they aren’t helping. Because they simply do not understand. And since they don’t want to learn. Their not understanding is intentional. And is therefore, malicious.


I am not sure what all that has to do with hiding my plants but I can leave the timers, it doesn’t change the fact that I will have to move them every day during their dark period.
I can change timer to half hour earlier and then I am not moving them in the dark and then take that off the other end. That solves one problem right there. Thanks!!

Sorry. Yeah that works too. What I was getting at though is if you had a 24h-36h window where you knew they’d come and go. It wouldn’t be detrimental to make something less makeshift and just leave them in there. No light for that long would be miniscule in effect. Much easier on them than a flipped schedule or having their sleep interrupted daily. The only issue with putting them in smaller dark spaces will become the smell. The less light radiation, the more terpenes the calyx will release. Like how stinky it gets when you trim/dry. Because the fall off of radiation and the oils released in cutting allow the terpenes to dissipate. Technically, the more pungent your end product is, the more terpenes you are losing by the second in open air. Since if the particles where then staying inside the buds, you wouldn’t detect them (smell) with your nose. Anything you smell is literally physical particles floating around in the air like dust. Your nose is a tds meter for the air. To be blunt.

Sorry Debbie. I’m drunk… the darn point.
Increased amounts of dark will increase the smell. Moving the plants away from your ventilation and filter area… while they produce more stink. I don’t think light is the issue here. Basically. How you gonna handle the odor? And if the odor is no issue, why are the plants? (Whether you can smell them or not, whether they admit it or not, they will smell them like that, people all the time tell me it smell good. I be like… “the detergent?” lol. Nose blind to the grow now.


What’s funny is I’m about 2 hours of work away from having my runner back up. If there was time and I did finish it. I could just store your girls for you and return them. Round trip to you and back would take less time than when I got my FEL for the JD 3010. What a day that was. Two trucks, a minivan, car hauler on big truck, duop on small. My fel took up only 1/4 of the hauler. Still had to drive back the next day to get the rest from the Valparaiso auction. Tbf. That auction brought us like 100 old t12-t8 fixtures we upgraded to LED. Kind of made a killing in the long run. But when you have 4 skids of used stacked up light fixtures, doesnt always seem that way.

Imma go fire the shop. Once it’s warm I’ll get the Rio in there. If you’re still worried I can store your girls till tues-wed. I’m tied up after wed tho. For an unknown period. So that’s all the solice I can attempt to offer


Wow, that would be so nice, but it’s from the 18th thru the 26th. But just you having that thought for me is so incredibly nice. Thank you my drunken friend

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I’d do that for anyone. Strangers have done crazier for me. I had three accomplices to a felony in college that I had never once seen before the fact. We all flipped that vehicle back over then me and my best friend pushed it to my church. Irish Catholic. No questions… No… questions . Lol…

There was no accident that night. I had attempted murder in my pocket and we all committed a couple to few felonies. Didn’t know me from Adam. No one went to jail that night. Im offering to potentially store some hemp for a short term. Would be the least I could do for my fellow human, considering 3 strangers once risked their freedom for a complete stranger who was kind of asking for it. I would’ve diserved that shit too. There was no reason for me to be on that road on that night with that many narcotics in my system and an unknown amount of acid in my pocket. I lost the vial when I went to see if the vehicle would start at 4am, cut back to the cul da sac through the woods. My home town is small and my family is prestigious (I could be picked off from a mile away, just by how I carry myself too). Probably half of why I got away with it right there too.

I’ve literally had cops say the exact words “I’m not saying you can do that. What I’m telling you is that I’m going to go into my car and leave in that direction.” Then I drove away on my suspended license for my first underage drink and drive, I wasn’t drunk at the time, so I got to drive away. Even tho I had no legal rights to be behind the wheel. My license was suspended by the court 5 blocks from where that happened… lol. Privilege…

I also once rear ended an old lady so freaking zombied out on xans and calatos. Luckily I had three friends in the car and the Sargent was there. My best friend did all the talking and we drove away. I was leaning against my just to stand. The Sargent helped my grandparents build their town home. He was my best friends and my tae kwon do instructor for 5 years… like he didn’t know I was fudged the fudge up… Everything is a joke now. Like yeah. Dude watched me do every belt sequence “dance” I’ve ever done ever. He couldn’t tell I couldn’t hold myself even? Yeah… F right. I shouldn’t be on the streets right now. Lol

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Shit get a dolly and a piece of wood set the tent on the dolly and wheel it wherever u need to go leave it strapped to the dolly of need be. I’d get it out so u don’t lose it place. Ur playing with fire there. Get a piece of thin wood a bit bigger than bottom of tent put woon on bottom tent on wood and dolly it is prolly best bet. Or even a little furniture mover on wheels and set the tent on that. Roll it down the hall with a big ass comforter over it. Just wheel it in friend’s house and plug on exhaust fans no need for lights really hell u can leave the tent on a furniture dolly and keep the tent mobile

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Ozium is the perfect deodorizing spray. Set a couple of these around the room:

And/Or spray with this around

The smell is sort of like like Ivory soap.


Hell order some cannabis scented candles. They have them out there ya know. Lol.

That stuff is great and just takes a little puff

I can’t say this enough. I cannot store these at a friends house, HUD is inspecting the whole bldg, so can’t hide in another apt. The only person I know would only be able to keep them outside, so , no However the dolly idea is perfect, I already planned that as I can’t really carry them to the other closet.
@Budz unfortunately I don’t get to pick the dates, I was just given the range of 1/18 until 1/26. They don’t necessarily even have to come out every single day, but still needs to be hidden anyway. Need the tents empty just in case they want to see inside.
@Newt Yes, they are already kind of stinky, but to me they smell a little weird, like the molasses affected the smell somehow

If you have $4-5 available, go find some Ozium. It’ll completely cover the smell.


100%, the maintenance man at my first apartment taught me about it. 2 small puffs above the door right before you open and the guest ain’t smelling anything but Ozium for the rest of the visit :sunglasses:


@DebbieM you make me proud gangsta with it Rockstar , they not gone tell you , I’m nervous but I’ll help !

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Love you too, thanks for keeping an eye out for me.
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Here are some trichome pics of the Runtz (Gary), Idk why they are so orange looking so I don’t know if anyone can tell anything by these pics at all, I can try again tomorrow.


The trichomes I can make out look somewhat clear. They’re starting to turn. The ones that seem like they’re on sugar leaves are pretty white/milky/cloudy already - no surprise there.

You will probably be pulling them when there right at peak potency but you may have a smaller yield because I understand bud building continues past “peak” thc levels. Idk. That’s just one thing I remember reading anyway. Don’t trust me, I’m buzzed and I cut down a plant cuz I was tired of it taking up space. I’m 80% sure it was ready to chop but 100% sure I was done looking at it. :joy:


@DebbieM you should be close Rockstar Gangsta , the pistils are start to curl and they not perking out spawning like stretching for the lights no more , which is about 2 - 3 weeks tops in my opinion , I can be wrong or I could be right , but if I’m right than I was wrong , but if I’m wrong than I was still right cause I was right when I said I might be wrong you know , Lmao :rofl: , just ph water :droplet: until you can see just a slight coloration change in the lower stalks and you’ll know cause it will really really start stinking when you flush them good :+1:, once it starts to consumer the sugar and chlorophyll from the lower parts of the plant to keep feeding the top to finish that final push of life to pollinate which cause what you want is what makes the buds get even bigger trying to catch whatever pollen they can but it’s none in there which means big bud weight . Hang in there don’t get this far and get impatient , if you need a few samples , cut you a few small colas off and start the drying so you can get a taste and gain the patience to give it the amount of time it needs to get ripe !

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@Mark0427 @StonedCold13 @Newt @dirtydave @Davyg @Graysin @JaneQP @Mr_Wormwood @Jaydawg6528 @SilvaBack203
That was just the Runtz, I didn’t think it’s ready, I’m thinking at least 2 more weeks, I will try to get some of the other two, Purple Titties may be closer than that tho. Maybe I can get better light, everything looks orange to me. I’ll try in the morning, no use wasting everyone’s time.
Purple Titties from yesterday morning
None of these are good and why are they orange?