Dealzer 5.0 grow box


Hi All, Haven’t been here in a while. Built the new box. 4 ft. tall 2x2. Reflective foil lined. 300 watt LED. Started a grow and suffered from TMI (too much info). Feeding them at half nutes (flower power). Grow started well and then they turned yellow. I did nothing to them and let them go. Very discouraging. Tried again to the same results, but this time I changed the nute water (I am using DWC with a 1 gallon tub). This brought them back. I have switched to full strength. I have noticed a bit of brown “burn” on some sugar leaves. Is this from the shock of switching to full strength? Ill try to add some pics if I can. In the box I have 2 white widows in the fourth week of flower. Looking pretty good and I don’t want to mess stuff up.

These pics were taken under LED.


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