Dealzer 5.0 grow box


I was about to say the same thing but im not using my hydro setup yet so i backed away slowly lol


One other thing i dont see any air bubbles i zoomed in couldnt find any what kind of air stone and pump size are you using …got good roots from the looks of it


I thought he had maybe turned them off for the picture. I noticed that as well, I couldn’t see any bubbles. I saw the air rubbing in the left side of the basin


Yeah probably right lol
My five gallon dwc looked like i was hard boiling a egg but i was just doing tests on water temp and other things to get ready to fire her up


yeah, you can’t see the bubbles good in the pic, but there are lots of em. 2 air pumps of the 5-15 gal size from Walmart, 1 of the small stones, and a 4 " rectangular stone. The roots are lookin good so far. When my kid moves out at the end of the year, her room is getting changed to a grow room. I’m planning on running 3 of these side by side on a mobile platform, and i’m going to add an enclosure


No one buy this box!!! I bought one and quickly realized it is almost worthless!!! Uniquehydroponics sells much better boxes for cheaper or the same prize. IE, the yield machine max I bought less than a month after having the cashcrop. It was 535, wider deeper and nearly double the hieght. Also it came with a 300w led instead of a puny 20w. I currently have a 150w led I got from Amazon I’m going to put in the cashcrop in an attempt to make it have some sort of usefulness


I agree. This box will grow. So it does do as advertised. Just not well. I upgraded my light to 300w led and now find the box is too small for the light.


Ya 300w is probably too hot for that lil thing. That’s why I’m only upgrading it too a 150. Afraid that might be too big since the. Box isn’t even three ft tall lol. I can probably start my plants or grow an auto in it.


I have 2 autos goin in a 2ft box right now with a 150w led. It’s all the very top, next time I’m gonna try one photo plant in it


@Hawkeye_diesel that’s gotta be a tight fit lol. What’s the width n depth on it? I’m sure it’s possible though. There’s a vlog on YT by intelligent stoner that grows an auto at a time in dirt in a gutted PC tower. Imma use his lst ways on mine because he still pulls 2 Oz’s out of each grow in a much smaller space than what I’m using for my first auto.


My next step is building a bigger box. Did some pricing at the store all materials are easily available. I’m thinking 4 tall 3 wide 2 deep. Maybe a bit taller so I can raise the light.


Yeah it’s a tight fit, autos are fine it in, I’m gonna try an do 1 photo in it and lst is hard and see what I can get


@sparksalot ya if I was more handy with tools I would probably build my own too… But cutting holes for fans would def take me like 5 trys to get a tight fit lol.
@Hawkeye_diesel I’d love to see a pic of the two autos in the 2 footer lol


No its 3 ft sorry


If you have a pic would still love to see it. That’s the size of mine and as of now I’m scared to death to try n put 2 autos in the lil guy lol @Hawkeye_diesel


Not the best picture. They were my first autos, they aren’t very big, but I also lst and topped one


How’d topping go? From what I read you shouldn’t with autos. I’m thinking I’m just just lst the hell out of mine lol


Well it didn’t stress it out to bad, but you have to do it at the right time an when the plant is growin healthy. Mine has 4 mains, but they aren’t giant and are mostly milky now. Check your the grow journal on it if you want, I’ll tag you on


Word thanks man


No problem brother