Dealzer 5.0 grow box


Is anyone using a 5.0 grow box? If so, how many plants have you been able to fit in the box, and what kind of average yields? I am growing with a DWC and 20 watt LED.


20 watt LED
Thats not enough light my friend for that box youll need at least a 300 watt or if you can keep it cool inside the box a 600 would really make some big buds


Brian, Are you currently using this box? The light is a full spec LED if that makes any difference.


I have the cash crop box it says I can grow up to six in the box but so far not sure how room is a big issue as Is the res depth I Hanne grown a few in the box but have had to move th ed m to bigger setups at some point and roots get tangled in system early on in use mine more as a starting point but I could see 2 or 3 with LST also recommend autos that stay short and have a main cola instead of many smaller branched off


@sparksalot, What are the dimensions of the box ??
Hammer .


34.75" T x 16.5" W x 11.25" D (

Built in Infrared Blocking Technology will reflect light to where your plants need it most. Also the film acts as superior insulator for your box
Incredibly Powerful / Next Generation Quasar LED Lighting (Full spectrum lighting for veg to flower spectrums; 420nm to 460nm veg & 630nm to 660nm flower)
Virtually plants stretch like crazy have to stack up books under res till they are less than a foot away


this is a small box as a norm .good for clones ,scrog’s ,and auto flower . and the lite is enough for this size 1-2 plant max .


Thanks for your replies. Firstgrow, my first grow in the box I started 1 seed from ILGM (AK-47) and 2 bag seeds. I killed 1 bag seed early. Got the other 2 two harvest (bag seed sucked). I used thin craft wire two fold back the large leaves and secured them to the stalk. I didn’t trim the lower stalks, it may help produce larger buds. I cloned the AK and currently have two growing in in the box. I think with trimming and tie downs there should be no space problem. I do think that my light (20 watt full spec LED) needs help. Going to start looking into some way to boost it.


I’ve been looking into getting better lighting in mine as well hopefully one of us find something good I was able to pick up a nice tent kit from amazon cheap thankfully currently have a few going

those are my latest no harvest out of the box yet have lemon haze auto in flower and pineapple express purple hulk and Ripleys og started about a week old in the cash box thinking about keeping the express in the box full grow


I was going to get that same box then thought not enough room to grow and it cost way more then everything im using now and ive got two tents two LEDs and all toys to go with


This is a good box for apartment or stealth grows. I had someone in the room right next to the box and not a clue. I’m only growing for personal use and a couple of good plants with good yields and ill be happy. Also, I had no problem with the root mass. It seemed all good to me.


I made a reverse engineered dwc system out of an opaque 15 gal storage tote. 6 3 inch net baskets, 2 air pumps, running general hydroponics schedule, 2 lighttunnel 300 watt leds from amazon. port for cleaning, etc. sipon system for draining and replenishing nutient solution every 2 weeks or so. I started out some seedlings last week, only using 1 led for the time being, and they are already booming!


Keep us posted… I always like to hear success stories out of homemade items… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


Hi Dave, Sounds like a great set up. I am getting done with my second grow in my box. I cloned 2 ak-47s and I got a bunch of popcorn. I will be changing to a 300w LED tomorrow and starting some new seeds. I hope for better results with the new light


this is some afghan/indica bag seeds 9 days from seed in my homemade setup

and it is a 4 pot setup, not 6. my bad, lol!


here is a side view.


and a nice overview. That one on the top corner looks to be a beast!


Lookin good, one piece of advice, that basin needs to be blacked out. You don’t want light hitting that water, algee can become an issue


thanks for the heads up man!


No problem. I spray painted the outside with black and after it dried, I just layered duct tape for added protection on the outside