Dealing with outdoor HEAT

I’m growing outdoors, and it has been a hot summer. I can move my plants into shade, but it’s still very hot, triple digits.

What will help them recover?
Should I feed or not feed, during heat stress?
Would Aloe Vera juice (plant hormones) in the water help?
Any other suggestions?

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Dealing with that right now as well. Over 105 last few days. I had to water more and I ordered cleankelp from Amazon I was told it helps plants deal with heat.

@HarryHarold I just looked at the Cleankelp on Amazon. Good Luck! I read some of the less positive reviews. But I’m within driving distance to the ocean, so I wonder what I can do with raw kelp for free. Also, my first though was to add a little aloe vera juice to my water bucket. Maybe those enzymes will help.

It’s 104 degrees F right now. for multiple days. I’m not used to this.

This helps with heat stress…or some other silica product will too.

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I’m dealing with 110 degree weather for weeks on end as well…

I have a white towel wrapped around my pot to keep it cooler and they sit on a tray with rocks and water to cool down a bit more (on top of rocks, not resting in the water) Here’s an old pic of the water tray idea. Good luck !

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It seems to perk my plants up I use 1.5 table spoon per gallon of water. I have my plants in 35 gallon pots so the handle heat a little better then smaller pots. And I dug down 2 feet put the fabrics pots in. That was recommended by a member on here. U in the central valley also?

if you can get your pots into a hole in the ground in a shady spot, or wrap the pots in white and use shade clothe, that will really help. Also seaweed and kelp extract and humic acid really helps. Water very slowly and water completely! Its hard to ensure good wetting in some soils so make sure it gets enough.


Yep I’m in central Valley

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