Dealing with extreme heat

general question for those in the deep south - do you use sunshade for sun protection? we had a 100+ week last Julyr that really knocked my first grow to its knees, but i put up sunshade and it totally thrived after that even after the heat wave.
this is important as i have to be away all next week, and i will have week-old seedlings out - they will be on a drip system so water not an issue, but i think maybe i should have them under sunshade since they will be so young and tender…thoughts?

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It’s been 95+ here for a month, no clouds til today, hella windy. I’ve been putting an auto or two out every couple of weeks and they’re taking it ok. I try not to let them have more than 4-5 hours of direct sunlight at a time. If you are growing in dark colored pits or bags, I highly recommend at least shading the vessel. Placing a bucket in front of it or something. I just got finished saying, on another thread, that my dark grow bags have to be close to 120° when in direct sun. Don’t wanna cook the roots.


they are going into 7-gallon pots, under a trellis with watermelon and sweet potato vines to help filter the sun. i am in houston and yeah - 95 for weeks and hitting close to 100 at times.also plan to use shade cloth to shade the actual pots from the sun.

what is your hardening off procedure/schedule in this heat?

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I’m east of you.

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Lol dude, I just throw them out. I leave them in a shadier spot the first couple of days, but when they go out the backdoor, they stay. I’ve probably messed up a few that way, but I really only do autos outside. I have photos going inside that I flipped yesterday.

But for actually hardening, take them out for a couple hours, then take them back in. Add a half hour each day, then after a week or so, leave them.


I have to grow indoors as Texas is extremely harsh draconian marijuana laws. So I control the room temps and this brings the tent temps down.

But with you being outdoors they utilise white shade cloth to grow Sungrown leaves. I’m sure it would work for growing plants outside.

@Borderryan22 We are hitting up to 120 already here in South Texas Coastline.


Damn brother, that is brutal. Be careful in it. I’m a couple hundred up the coast from you, near H. I’ve had to shave my girls more than I’d like.


thats where i am. beginner here, any tips for good strains here let me know. have dome gorilla glue AF decently, now trying acapulco gold AF

And I’m at the other extreme…recently our daytime temps have been in the 50’s, maybe getting into the 60’s. Slow growing this year. But haven’t had to water them yet!

I would take those temps 24/7 all year round. Since I grow indoors those temps would make it where a Window AC is not needed.

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Oh, I have a tent too indoors! Just I’m addicted to turning every cutting I take off a plant into a clone! I was hoping some buddies would want some, but I’m stuck with 15 more than I know what to do with (and 18 more than I am legally allowed!)

I’m just south of you. I just let them take it. As long as they have water, they’ve been fine. Now, bugs, on the other hand….


thats what BT and Neem is for! i stay totally organic…they grow with my veggies with appropriate alternative care…

Nothing is helping this year. Neem oil has always been useless to me. Jacks dead bug isn’t even working this year.

@MrPeat I’m dew east if you 45min fro the texas line and 45min from the gulf…:beers: im doing indoors only lol

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