Dead spots/rust spots, whats going on

I assume at this point its some kind of stress, not really nutes, id be shocked at fungus (low af humidity)
Here are the images: Imgur: The magic of the Internet
Some details:
So, I have struggled with something like this for a while, since they were moved from peat pots (yes I removed the outside). Occasionally I notice leaf miner marks, but they arent showing rn.
The leaves are becoming brittle, too. Anyway:
These spots appear all over the plants. Maybe less on new-new growth.
PH: It is high, I haven’t tested the run off in a bit, but it was last time I checked. ~7.5-7.8, For quite a few days ive been watering it with 6.2ph water.
Humidity: 20-30%
Temperatures: Stayed above 80 since I started having these issues. The past few days; 90+, and they have gotten worse within that time.
Light: 100w led + in the “light corner” of a west and south facing window.
Nutes: no food EXCEPT in the past week ive given them miracle grow twice(incase I have a micronute deficiency, none before this) , soil is high quality in the area, but I grabbed a bit of dirt from a weedy area, so it may be lacking nutes.

Transplanting made these issues worse, especially on the plants I damaged a lot of root on, BUT they all had these issues prior to transplant (was the motivation)
So far it doesn’t seem to be getting better from watering with lower PH water. Maybe I should test the runoff again.

I was originally told my soil was too compact. I transplanted to looser soil, but overall, very similar soil. (I just added perlite and potting soil). I cant imagine any of these plants have got their main roots out of the compact rootball.

But this is pretty horrifying. I’m loosing parts of leaves and leaves every day on one of the girls that I just transplanted 5 days ago ( shes still drooping), shes really struggling the most.
The male I have (im gonna use him,if he survives), I transplanted, he got angry, I tried to give him some outdoor sun, and well, that was stupid, it was 90 outside in direct desert sun. he has lost most of his leaves, his small ones that come out from the old ones are still alive and look fine, but hes probally stunted.
And another plant is stunted for no obvious reason except I’m guessing its the one that lost half of one of its original two leaves as a seedling (no clue how its still alive), it hasn’t grown much since transplant from pete pot.

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Good morning, Are you using a foliar spray? I notice your leaves are wet. Getting water on the leaves under the lights will cause leaf damage. I see you are using miracle grow nutritents, that could be a big part of your problem… Miracle grow is not cannabis friendly, :v: :grinning:

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I used the miracle grow twice, and dont plan to use it again. I just wanted to get some of the micronutrients in it without having to test adjust each one.
The issues started well before that.
I usually dont have the leaves wet I was cleaning them off here, because I had splashed dirt on them accidentally.

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