Dead brown leaves ok for extracts?

Hello all.
I am planning to use my fan leave trimmings to make butter and was wondering if i should or shouldnt use dead brown leaves? I quit feeding before harvest and let my plants really eat up their own resources so I end up with several brown leaves when trimming. Do these still contain THC and should i use them in extracts or will they taste funky?
Thanks everyone

I say no thanks


Ive used sugar leaf trim a couple times and the oil/butter you get from it isnt very potent at all. Id say scrap your trim and just grind some bud up. I did 3 trim runs thru the levo and i didnt even really get a good buzz. A small buzz but that was like 20 gummies later

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The large fan leaves aren’t worth anything. And I wouldn’t use any dead leaves for edibles… just me.


Thanks all.
I may just pass on making edibles. I was just looking for a way to use sugar leaves. probably not worth the time and effort if its not going to be potent enough to catch a nice buzz. My wife favors smoking to edibles so I probably wont use bud. maybe if I eventually accumulate enough loose buds, I have been saving those also. mix them all together mad scientist style and see what happens.

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