DE vs Spider Mites! Help please

So my first grow and I have just found spider mites. I do know the DE will kill on contact but what is the easiest way to apply? Just commence to sprinkling it on an rub on underside of leaves.

I pulled a leaf and hit it with some DE and you can see two of the nasty little spider mites in the pics died on contact.


I add 1 tablespoon to a spray bottle full of RO water and spray apply to the bottom and top of the leaves. Once dried, it starts cutting them up. Not sure about it being instant though. My method is controversial and some of the veteran growers here think it is not advised, but I have yet to see any problems.

Check this out, I made up a solution for bugs on our squash out of ghost chilis. Seemed to have worked.

You can spread the de on the top soil, then lightly dust your plants.

I’m currently fighting the same battle with those little pests…only found a few so far though and some eggs…I think.
I have not tried the DE as of yet, but I’m trying a homemade neem oil spray (neem oil+dawn+water).
I mix it all up and spray undersides of the leaves and little on top just before lights out, every 2 days or so for the past week and so far I have yet to see anymore adults or eggs, but this is the second round of my battle and the first I only did a couple applications and they came back, so this time I’m going to try 1 full life cycle and a bit.
I have also been spraying the room, floor and box (tent) from top to bottom.
I will watch the thread on your progress and good luck on your battle…kill those little sh!tz…lol

Awesome thanks for the tips! Next was gonna be the 357 with snake shot but maybe I’ll try the sprinkle or spray method first!

I believe @Myfriendis410 posted this up:

Deal with them here and this works well but you have to be systematic to interrupt the life cycle.

Up until trichomes start you can spray the plant down with a 50/50 solution of isopropyl alcohol. This is immediate and nukes them now. It also gets most of the eggs. It will not hurt your plant and you can test it for yourself on a single branch if you like.

After first trichomes appear you can go to straight 3% peroxide sprayed on. This will kill adults. Be sure to wet the undersides of the leaves and the flower. Wait 48 hours for it to dissipate (turns into water and oxygen) and spray with Captain Jack’s Dead Bug. This is a bacillus called Spinosad which, when injested in the plant material multiplies in the gut of the pest and kills it within 5 days. Leave the Captain Jack’s on for 5 days then repeat the whole peroxide/Captain Jack’s routine two more times. That should do it.

Captain Jack’s and Safer spray (bacillus thurengiensis) can be used up until the day of harvest.


Bit late. But i generally tend to just make it rain. Go around getting my Lebron James powder clap on. Clouds and clouds of DE… but its either the bugs or the buds. And the buds aint going without a fight


A guy at Home Depot was telling me inhaling airborne DE is bad for the lungs.

I never thought about it, anybody else hear this?

It cant be uber healthy as it cuts up buggies n seeds. But it falls pretty quickly. Throw it around n leave the room a few mins. :joy:. But I definitely dont endorse inhaling a fresh whiff