DE (double ended) over air cooled 1000w


Sooo rn I run I single air cooled 1000w how/mh light I plan on getting 3-4 more 1000w but a friend of mine mentioned that with the double ended I can actually get a better yield becuase it’s actually higher lumen/par … so how they can 1.5 pounds off a 1000w then allegedly I can get like 2+ pounds off of a DE 1000w does anybody know or have input ?


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From what I’ve seen they can help increase yield and potency 10-30+% people report 2-3+ pound seepotred off a single 1000w compared to a singledednded 1000w get about a 1.5pound yield and have a infrared and wider Peak output so less are required in a larger area but they also may need about minimum 8-10ft ceiling A study showed a guy got 6 pound out of 3 750w DE so 2250w and offf 3 750 that we’re bumped up to 1000w he only about 5 which is a little or 1.5 pounds per thousand compared to almost 3 pounds per 1000w of the DE


It is about how the energy travels through the bulb to produce light the arch in a end to end bulb is different than the arch in single end which a longer arc. The Thing they aren’t telling you is the 1000w DE run up to 1250w and are dimmible also most are bulb specific needing only designers bulb a Gavita needs Gavita bulbs etc. Yes they get decent yields


Eye hortilux super 1000

Gavita de at 1000 watts

Gavita de at 1150 watts as @Donaldj mentioned

Test results provided by csa group Redmond WA. Hopefully that provides the info you’re looking for


So overall what you and @Donaldj are saying is yes it’s worth it and even more worth if I run 220 instead of 110 dope thank you


I didn’t say that lol. I just gave you the data. But sounded like a reasonable statement.


I like the 1000 watt de gavita but they run hot. You can air cool with special hoods with a drop in efficiancy. Covering 4x6 area and love the end results. The 6ft length is parallel with the long side of the bulb for me and 4ft coverage is perpendicular to the long side of the bulb, cross lighting helps because of multiple fixtures… The spacing is different between lights. X space from wall at head of the light then 2.8x or 3x spacing from fixture to fixture in between and again x distance from tail end to wall. These are ment to be hung in a row whose long side of the bulb are parallel with each other. At first it was 4x16 for me and hung as gavita light specialist recommended, then filled in extra 2ft of walk space to go to a 6x16 and let me tell you the filled in walk space produces flowers that are just as good. I may flip the lights to cover the same area but turn the fixture so the long side of the bulb covers the 6 foot spand. As for the output in heat, minimum of 4k btu per light (without vented hood) and some extra for equipment such as dehumidifier. I run them in a 7.5ft ceiling, short plants on floor in 16" saucers, sealed room with co2. Plant height from floor in a #5 smart pot (with promix hp), when done flowering is roughly 3 ft, and I have 3 ft left from bulb to canopy. No burn or bleaching, very slight taco on leaves towards last week of flower this run and that is gone with trim, but stressful setup at first because 10 ft ceilings was the hype. It has been good, just got to manage your canopy, and choose strains implementing screens, topping and slight defolation. 2+ per light at 1150 running low yielding strains but high quality for me. May try other strains soon. Hope this helps.