De carb or Lecithin


Do you need to decarb if using lecithin? Or do you need lecithin if you decarb. Thanks


The lecithin helps your body absorb all the good stuff… does not have to be used, but decarb is a must depending on how your cooking the butter and how you like the butters potency… some dont decarb and cook in a crock pot for a few days but i always go with decarb


Decarboxytion is the process of converting THC-a to THC. You must heat your raw plant material to 240 degrees F for an hour to decarboxylate. Or you can heat your oil also to this temperature to achieve the same thing.

Lecithin is just the oil that you can add to your cannabis oil to help process the oil into your body.


When making edibles you want to decarb you Cannabis always especially if your a Medical user
Otherwise bith @Dr.DankThumb420 and @MAXHeadRoom have given solid answers


Thanks I have not made butter before, but my friend never decarbs or uses lecithin. I assume he is not getting nearly the potency he could. He does it in a canning jar. I have been looking at magic butter 2 but pricey an not all good reports.


I have a Magic Butter, and I highly recommend it. It just makes the process so much easier and less messy. And yes, you must decarb always!


How much have you used it? Do you have a cheap place for the butter molds


@raustin I believe that last question was for you girl lol


Also do you use the lecithin in your magic butter 2?


The lecithin is a good idea :bulb: to use with butter or coconut oil @Callmevermont
As stated it will help with your body’s ability to uptake the medicine


I use my Magic Butter all the time, but I do like to make quite a lot and freeze the butter in small mason jars. Its probably better to make bars of butter and you can buy really cheap molds on Amazon. I do add about a tablespoon of lecithin to a batch, but it’s not necessary.


Love this site and all the helpful people. How much bud per lb of butter


I use 8-11 grams of ground flower per cup of butter.


The machine says to not grind it. That is why this site is important.


Lol, it does? I grind mine, but not too fine.


Opps some didn’t read her directions lol
Too funny @raustin


Lol, I’m pretty sure my MB says to grind it a little bit just not too fine. I’ve had my machine for a few years, so it’s an older model. You don’t want to put big buds in though. Honestly, i don’t think it matters much.


I agree it shouldn’t matter donyou need to strain it with the magic butter machine @raustin


Yes, you do need to strain it which is why you don’t want to grind it too fine. Its a very satisfying process. I actually look forward to doing it, though before I got the machine I used to dread it because it took hours of stirring and temperature regulating. Major pain in the ass.


It says to use shake which can be real fine.