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I am currently growing in what I consider a small 8x8’ room. Temp and humidity controlled with 8 inch AC infinity exhaust fan. Am using one electric sky 300 LED grow light, which I think is doing a great job on my first two plants. I have several questions for you concerning new lights for a larger grow, probably 6 plants.
I built a 3x8 shelf on one wall for my 2 plants, they are in ff soil, 5 gallon pots. I can easily get 1 more plant on this shelf. I am going to add to my shelving by turning it around the corner and extend it by another 8 feet, therefor another 3 plants. So I am talking about an L- shaped shelf that is 8 feet north/south and 8 feet east/west, by 3 feet deep.
I would like your expert opinion on what I should build/ DIY, to more than adequately light this space. I would like to incorporate the existing light fixture into the new lighting layout.
I was in my local grow store the other day and looked at an HLG light and noticed it was all white leds. Can an HLG be built using blue and red leds like my current electric sky? Are the red and blues even necessary? I am obviously trying to save a few bucks, this electric sky cost close to $700, will I save an appreciable amount of money trying to go the HLG/DIY route?
Thanks in advance for any and all info you can help me with.


The light may not have the blue look that blurples have but the wavelengths are there.


He has a DIY thread

Here is the comparison based on the recommendations:

Electric Sky 300

Recommended Configurations

  • 1x ES300 – Flower 2’x4′ – 3’x5′ Grow Tent / Veg 3.5’x7′
  • 2x ES300 (Replace 1000W HPS) – Flower 4’x4′ – 5’x5′ Grow Tent / Veg 7’x7′
  • 3x ES300 – Flower 5’x5′ or 4’x6′ / Veg 7’x7′
  • 4x ES300 – Flower 4’x8′ – 5’x10′ / Veg 6’x12′

So you would need 8 Electric Sky 300 @ $695 each. = $5560

2xHLG 288 V2 w/heat sinks and a HLG240-C2100A DIY

Veg Footprint: 4x4 sqft
Flower Footprint: 3x3 sqft or 2x4 sqft

2x288V2 w/heatsink 2x$89 = $178
1xHLG240H-C2100A - $57
Misc parts ~$25
Total $260

So you would need 8 DIY 288V2 @ $260 each. = $2080


Ok, seems like a no brainer. What about the red and blue LED lights? Does this include using the existing electric sky?

You would want to order the 3000K or 3500K. It has all of the light spectrum needed for veg and flower. The 288V1’s come in 3500K and are really a bargain right now @$66/ board and heatsink vs the 288V2’s that come in 3000K. Above 3500K (4000 or 5000K) would be not be appropriate for both veg and flower.

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Sorry, I just came across this.

Horticulture lighting group doesn’t necessarily make a package like the electric sky, but others do. Looking at the big picture, specifically having red and blue LEDs isn’t going to make that big of difference. If you want them, I can certainly point you in that direction.

So I understand correctly your grow setup will essentially be a 3x3 space in the corner and 5x3 extension off each direction? Or you could say an 8x3 and 5x3 connected in the corner?

The diy 288 v2 are 187.50 each. That’s just short of $1600

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@dbrn32 sounds like his set up may be similar to what I do.

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I don’t have to have the red and blue leds if not really needed. Yes it’s an 8x3 shelf with a 5x3 connected on the end at a 90 degree angle. I looked at an HLG fixture, display unit, that was maybe 18x 18, hanging right next to it was a nexgen light fixture, both leds. The nexgen was probably 48x48, huge fixture! The HLG was blinding light compared to the nexgen. They both claimed to flower a 4.5x4.5 footprint. The store was selling the nexgen for 1600 and the HLG for 900.

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I typed that light fixture name incorrectly, it was a nextlight mega led.

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Your best bet would be to order kits or just the components and build yourself. The light you were looking at was probably hlg-550.

@Familyman that was posting above grows very similar setup to you. You should take a peek at his journal and see you feel doing something similar would work for you