Dbrn32 QB assistance please


Help with a QB build please.

2x3 space, 1 plant.
$150-200 budget. Would like to stay at lower end if possible.
Whatever you suggest.

Thank you.

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G ten hrs d n

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You can get a first generation qb 135 kit for $129 right now. That’s a little small for your space, but fits within your budget. The only other options I see that would be close is building with 560mm strips or going with some sort of a knock off.

In the past I have built for that space using hlg-185 driver using bridgelux eb series or Samsung f-series strips. That setup seems to perform well.



maybe it makes sense to open some kind of “ask dbrn32” thread? And maybe you should start selling lights :wink:


Funny you say that, I believe @latewood has been looking at doing that for each of the staff members.


yes I think many people have questions directed directly at you… like I had yesterday and checked your profile for a private message button but found none. And then I figured I dont want to waiste your time with my nonsense… but as we are here now :blush:

my question is if you know of any good alternatives to HLG quantum boards for europeans because it is not so easy to get them for good price and many people including myself dont like to rely on self construction because we are too afraid to burn our houses down. I have also thought about importing them but I have to find a way to not pay the extra import tax/customs (i paid about 200$ in customs for my amare light because it came from the US but its too expensive)

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Look up diyleduk. He has decent website and people in that region seem to be very happy with products and services provided.

What budget would you recommend for that space?

If I were building a light for that space right now, i think it would probably end up in the $200-250 range.

Ok, I’ll give you that. Shop for me please and thank you sir.

@dbrn32 do you build lights? I posted a thread recently looking for some expert opinions on LEDs to replace my qb’s. If ILGM isn’t yet, certainly seems like there is a market for it.


I build a lot of lights, but nothing that the forum does. That would be something that @latewood would have to look into.

Tag me into that topic please, happy to help if I can.

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