Dbrn32 i have a question for you if you can help me

so i bought 2 [MAXIBRIGHT Daylight LED 660w PRO Grow Light]
i also have about 16 600 hps lights and i have a 16x16 room but on want to use say 16x8 of it for blooming so could you suggest how i would maximize these lights to run them together. the maxibrights are suppost to cover a 5x5 room so would you have 2 600hps then a maxi then another 2 600hps then a maxi and 2 600hps all lined up

like this #Dbrn32 also as the maxi is really not warm at all how close would you have it to the plants.
also if i used co2 and sealed off the room would you ever need to change the air in the room and could i turn off all air extraction or would i have to change the air a few times a day or what ?


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I would run 4x4 per fixture, one hps then one led. You will get most amount of blending that way.

this is the room