Dbrn32 help with lights?

Hi: It’s been awhile since I’ve been here.
I’ve got 4 big California Dream in bloom now in 4 5 gallon pots with a total of 17 tops in my 2 X 2 square.
I’ll probably end up putting some kind of scrog in there. I have high hopes.
I’m using the led light you recommended back what 5 months ago?
They’re doing great.

I came to you because after hours of research I determined that you know more than any of the authors I read. I’m trying to put led strip lighting under my kitchen cabinets.
I need to be able to run multiple strips with wire between them. I want light under the cabinets but not up the sides. So I have to run wire up from one cabinet to the next and then go back to light strip.
Can I do that?
The only site I recall with components (leds & ballasts) is digikey.

Can you tell me where I can look for strips & ballasts? I think I can figure out what ballast I’ll need once I know how much strip I’ve got total. Also, I recall that you knew of some connectors that work great with them??
Much appreciated:)

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You can do it, but I’m not super familiar with the components you would need to do so. I think there are 2 ways to go about.

If you troll around places like ebay, amazon, and aliexpress you should be able to find some short predetermined lengths that are capable of being daisy chained together with additional led strips or extension cables (for where you wants gaps in lighting or to hide final wiring to power supply). You simply get the lengths you need of each and make sure you have adequate power supplies to run what you buy.

The other way, is that same places will sell in long strips that have solder pads every 3-5 chips. That will allow you to cut the strip every couple of inches to customize your lengths. It’s a little more tricky to get your power supplies sized up this way, but manufacturer or seller should be able to provide some help.

I would like to help more, but it’s not something I have tackled.

Thanks a whole lot. You’ve helped me more than any of those manufacturers.
I’m not at all afraid of soldering. I’m gonna look for the strips with solder pads and see what I can do.
I’ll just have to watch the power supply and make sure it matches. It won’t be a problem.

Thanks a whole lot for your help.
I suppose I could get some pics up here of my Cali Dream huh?
They look real good.

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